Monday, April 28, 2014

Binocular Snapshot for 04/28/2014

LastDayWatchers watch how the failures mount up

The helicopter was part of the Army Air Corp’s elite 657 Squadron based at RAF Odiham, which flies Lynx helicopters for the Joint Special Forces Aviation Wing. The helicopters are used to ferry troops such as the SAS and SBS on missions, and are also heavily armed for supporting fire.

Only the Army’s most skilled pilots are given posts in the squadron.

Al-Maliki also has a feud with Saudi Arabia and its hard line anti-Shiite Wahhabi branch of Islam, which supports the Syrian rebels. Al-Maliki, despite being a religious Shiite, was not initially close to the Islamic Republic of Iran, in the past two years he has gravitated toward Tehran and its client, Damascus.

This trajectory of al-Maliki, from anti-Bashar to pro-Bashar, and from lukewarm toward Tehran to pro-Iran, shows that geopolitics is not being dictated by religious identity.

The eldest daughter, Sahar, who is under house arrest along with three of her sisters in the city of Jeddah, said in a video message that victory is theirs.

"We promise to follow in your footsteps and not to let go of your hands. God’s hand will be above us. We learn determination from Ayatollah Nimr al-Nimr, the Sheikh of free men. For this reason, we will press ahead on the path by our own will,”

As the contraction becomes more acute

“The worst is not over,” said Kevin Roth, a meteorologist for The Weather Channel.

In all, 16 people were killed in Arkansas, Gov. Mike Beebe said. One woman was killed when debris took out the door of the fortified safe room where she was taking shelter.

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