Friday, February 28, 2014

Binocular Snapshot for 02/28/2014

LastDayWatchers as you watch, the "Awakening" continues to be put to sleep

 Largely Sunni province of Anbar, the Awakening Councils, or Sahwa, were first formed and financed by the U.S. troops to help fighting extremist militant groups. They are the favorite targets for the insurgent groups who see them as traitors.

The Resistance’s rearming was so successful that Israel was eventually forced to admit that Hezbollah possessed more than 100,000 rockets that can hit any target in Israel. This is part of a bigger missile arsenal in the region directed at the Jewish State, to the tune of 170,000 rockets, as Israel estimates.

What we are seeing now is a tug of war. There is an Israeli attempt to take advantage of the attack on the resistance axis in Syria and Lebanon, Hezbollah’s response and decision were to raise a yellow card. The ball may now be in Israel’s court, so will Israel understand what it means for Hezbollah to raise a yellow card? Will it be more prudent so as not to provoke a red card?

Army units set an ambush for terrorists near the town of Nahlia in Idleb countryside, injuring a number of terrorists, killing others including Ahmad Saleh al-Na'es, and destroying their weapons and equipment.

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More than 10 Russian military helicopters flew over Crimea and Russian servicemen blockaded a unit of the Ukrainian border guard in the port city of Sevastopol, the guard said.