Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Binocular Snapshot for 02/12/2014

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AAH, reputed to have an estimated 2,000-3,000 Iranian-trained fighters, is also engaged in the Syrian war alongside Lebanon's Hezbollah against the Sunni-led rebels

“We realize this is a trap and ISIS wants us to make a sectarian war,” Abu Sajad said. “When we go targeting, we target specific people.”, therefore “The fight will not be public,”

“You have this computer system, and this whole system is infected with a virus, ” said Abu Sajad, referring to ISIS’s prevalence in Iraq. “You have to import something to deal with that. That’s what we are for.”

Most of their victims are e tortured before being killed, bodies are found left in the streets, on garbage dumps and in the city's canals, pierced by nails and bolts, or bored by hand-held power drills which have become they're gruesome trademark, the bodies are usually dumped on a stretch of waste ground known as al-Saddeh on the outskirts of Sadr City, a vast Shiite suburb of Baghdad that is a Medi Army stronghold.

Because the time is at hand

The Arabs who will be with the Imam have already given an indication who they are, Hezbollah’s small ill equipped army defeated Israel a nuclear armed state and its state of the art weaponry; Hezbollah’s fighters may have been ill equipped but were infused with the same spirit that led Imam Ali Ibn Abu Talib to break down the impregnable doors of the Jewish fort Khaybar, the same spirit his son Imam Hussain had at Karbala where his band of 72 stood against the tyrant Yazid’s army of 10,000.

It is quite poignant that over a thousand year old hadith mentions that many Arabs will work with the tyrants to fight against the coming Imam.

As the birth pains revels

There were no immediate reports of casualties or damage. The USGS had previously put the magnitude at 6.9, but later downgraded it.

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