Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Binocular Snapshot for 02/04/2014

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The United States would not only have to neutralize the Assad regime's external supporters -- Iran, Hezbollah, and Russia -- but also gain the backing of other external supporters of the fragmented opposition -- particularly Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey, each with distinct proxies within the Syrian opposition and distinct goals that do not always align with U.S. policy.

Only then could U.S. military power hope to have a decisive effect on the conflict between Assad and the Syrian opposition. In this context, the ongoing "Geneva II" process has started off in the wrong place: the internal conflict in Syria.

Foreign fighters, who are known as the “muhajirin,” or emigrants, side with ISIS, while the majority of Syrian-born jihadis, known as “al-Ansar,” the partisans, side with al-Nusra, meantime, an undeclared battle over Saudi Arabia is intensifying: The Islamic Front is fighting ISIS at the behest of the Saudi government, while ISIS and al-Nusra both declare the latter as an infidel regime.