Thursday, January 30, 2014

Binocular Snapshot for 01/30/2014

LastDayWatchers the question still remains, however understand the spirit so that you are not like unto the Pharisees in Jesus time 
They are the ones the May 15th Prophecy explained in 2007 Iran and the 3 horns, no European Roman revival Are the jot and tit people; who use crossing “t” s and dotting “i” as an excuse for not understanding.
Do you not know the law kills but the spirit bring life?, therefore understand the spiritual reason I ask the question so that you do not bare false witness and speak against of God


Leon Davis
Yesterday 2:48 PM
The answer is found in 2007 Iran-Iraq and the 10 who give their power to the Hidden Imam

Eclipseglow Ruth
Yesterday 2:54 PM
Well, 7 complamints 3. Sooo...

Eclipseglow Ruth
Yesterday 2:55 PM
10 - 7 = 3

Leon Davis
Yesterday 2:59 PM
+Eclipseglow Ruth wrong answer, in order to know this truth of God Word, you first have to know who are the seven heads  

Yachaatazaahla BanYasharahla
Yesterday 3:22 PM
No. 1st of all. You are mis-quoting, and lying on the Scriptures, please correct yourself.

What Scripture says the seven head beast had 10 crowns on his heads? 

Leon Davis
11:20 AM
O.K. +Yachaatazaahla BanYasharahla the correction is ten horns on seven heads, but the question still remains which head has the remaining 3 crowns (horns) ?