Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Binocular Snapshot for 09/24/2013

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Desperation: An injured woman, whose face and clothes are drenched in blood, lies on the ground outside the shopping mall screaming for help

British Defense Secretary Philip Hammond said six British deaths occurred and the number could rise.

With a depth of about nine miles (about 15 kilometers), the quake struck 43 miles (69 kilometers) northeast of Awaran and 71 miles (114 kilometers) northwest of Bela

The quake was strong enough to cause a mass 30 to 40 feet high to emerge from the ocean like a small mountain island off the coast of Gwadar

I call on Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and other Gulf states to revise your stance, you won't reach anywhere by relying on a military victory. Put this hatred (for Hezbollah) aside and think with your minds. Think about your interests, the interests of the region, the survival of the region.

What about the tens of thousands of foreign fighters who you brought from all over the world? Are they occupying Syria?