Saturday, August 17, 2013

Binocular Snapshot for 08/17/2013

West Texas has a long history of recurring drought, but under climate change, the south-west has been experiencing record-breaking heatwaves, further drying out the soil and speeding the evaporation of water in lakes and reservoirs. Underground aquifers failed to regenerate. “What happens is that climate change comes on top and in many cases it can be the final straw that breaks the camel’s back, but the camel is already overloaded,” said [Texas climatologist Katharine Hayhoe].

Recent rains in Texas haven’t changed the picture much. “We’ve got to get floods. We’ve got to get a hurricane to move up in our country and just saturate everything to replenish the aquifer,” said Owens. “Because when the water is gone. That’s it. We’re gone.”

So will the results in the 3 horns areas

Like many here, he saw Hezbollah’s role in Syria as essential to its fight against Israel, not a distraction from it. “The war in Syria is not to defend Bashar al-Assad. It is to defend the axis of resistance,”

Many residents wrote off the talk of sectarian tensions in Lebanon, instead putting the blame for the region’s problems on Hezbollah’s traditional enemies.

The Western media have double standards when it comes to “terrorism.” Within hours after two bombs were detonated at the Boston Marathon last April, many in the media had christened it a “terrorist attack.” Meanwhile, the August 15 bombing in Rouweiss that killed at least two dozen is a “blast” that occurred in a “Hezbollah stronghold.”

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