Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Binocular Snapshot 06/18/2013

LastDayWatchers recall what the May 15th Prophecy warn would happen with 100% accuracy when it pointed out to you in 2007

"A grand strategy of the White House, is an American-Saudi plan employed to weaken Iran and Hezbollah, or what has been called the “Shiite crescent”, and widened sectarian conflict between Shiite and Sunni"

"It doesn't matter that the Sunni outnumber the Shia 10 time over or the fact that they have the backing and help of the United States, they will not be able to stop the influence that is emitting out of Iran"

For the kingdom's Sunni ruling princes, that fear, revealed in a 2009 U.S. embassy cable released by WikiLeaks, now focuses on Syria. Iran-backed President Bashar al-Assad's forces are advancing with the aid of Lebanese Hezbollah Shi'ite fighters, while Riyadh supports the Sunni rebels fighting against him.

Saudi Arabia's former intelligence chief, Prince Muqrin, once told American diplomats the Middle East's so-called Shi'ite Crescent where the Muslim sect holds sway was "becoming a full moon" as Iranian influence spread.

of Umayyad Damascus and Abbasid Baghdad. Only in this way can they, as they believe, set their imprint on the politics of the region

They consider the Arab Gulf a spineless body sheltering itself in the cloak of U.S. power.
Underpinning Saudi worries is the participation in Syria of Shi'ite militia from neighboring countries, particularly Lebanon's Hezbollah and Iraq's Abu Fadhl al-Abbas Brigade,
Which Prince Turki al-Faisal, another former Saudi spy chief, this week described in an interview as Iran's "steel claws".

Two suicide bombers targeted a Shiite mosque in Baghdad on Tuesday, one blowing himself up at a nearby checkpoint while the other slipped inside during prayers. The blasts killed 29 people

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