Thursday, June 20, 2013

Binocular Shapshot for 06/20/2013

LastDayWatchers understand

But in Syria he is being lured, willy-nilly, into a foreign policy trap, one counter to everything that he has preached over the past years but appears unable to resist.

The role of Turkey

The conclusion is widely shared among Turks, who cited it as one reason for their objections to Erdogan’s Syria policy. The 363,000 Syrian refugees on Turkish soil are another, with many Turks voicing sympathy for the displaced Syrians but saying there are scarce resources to deal with the influx.

Residents of a town near the border with Syria say tensions are rising.

And you will see the exact role it will play, just like the 100% accuracy the May 15th Prophecy proclaimed regarding the Republican prophecy

2 - Voters in competitive Republican districts have a dimmer view of the tea party movement than ever, with a -22 net favorability rating, down from -15 last October and -12 last summer.

3 - By a 34 point margin (64-30) voters in competitive GOP districts want their representative to "try and work with President Obama to address our country's problems" rather than "try to stop President Obama from advancing his agenda for the country."