Saturday, April 27, 2013

Binocular Snapshot for 04/27/2013

LastDayWatchers only the May 15th Prophecy have pointed out to you the true meaning of Habakkuk 10 with 100% accuracy "You give shameful counsel to your house, Cutting off many peoples, And sin against your soul." which is  attributed to the Pawn of Satan George W Bush specifically!, here is just one of thousands of examples

“But 9/11 ruined all that,” Hern├índez said. “There was very little communication after that. Fox, I think, felt blacklisted. There were disappointments in the United States that Vicente and the French hadn’t done enough to support Bush and the United States, and Fox was really torn about that. He kept asking, ‘What can I do? What should I do?’”

Fox, whose father, Joseph, was an immigrant to Mexico from Ohio, was devastated that anyone in the United States would question his friendship. Days before, Bush and Fox had visited Toledo, where Fox spoke with nostalgia of his family roots.

Many in Washington questioned Fox’s sincerity. Why did it take so long to call Bush to express his condolences after the terrorist attacks in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington, the city Fox had visited just days before?

Written at LastDayWatchers