Thursday, January 31, 2013

Binocular Snapshot for 01/31/2013

LastDayWatchers you already know about the embracer of unclean hands

McCain, who paid a political price for his support of the surge; it arguably cost him the presidency, later added that Hagel was on the wrong side of history about the surge.

“I think history has already made a judgment about the surge, sir, and you’re on the wrong side of it. And your refusal to answer whether you were right or wrong about is going to have an impact on my judgment as to whether vote for your confirmation or not. I hope you will reconsider the fact that you refused to answer a fundamental question about an issue that took the lives of thousands of young Americans,” said McCain.

Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., defended Hagel a moment later, arguing that the intelligence that led to the war in the first place placed all the people on the wrong side of history.

Hagel had a position similar to that of many Democrats, including President Obama, Vice President Biden and Sen. John Kerry and others currently in the administration. But McCain saved the tough questioning on this issue for Hagel.

“Since the issue of Iraq has come up here, I just want to state for the record and lay the predicate that this senator was one of many that voted for the authorization to go into Iraq, and as it turns out, the lessons of history, we were given incorrect information as a justification for going into Iraq. We were told by the secretary of defense, by the secretary of state, by the national security adviser and the director of the CIA that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. And so for a lot of the decisions that were made at the outset, they were decisions that were informed with incorrect information,” said Nelson.

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