Monday, December 3, 2012

Binocular Snapshot for 12/03/2012

"The "SUCCESS OF THE SURGE" is not base on the simple simon criteria of violence being up or down, or the subliminal framing propaganda lie of breathing space for reconciliation (which hasn't happened!)

Because this is war; the "SUCCESS" OF THE SURGE" or failure is base solely on achieving ones objective by advancing ones influence and self interest while halting and diminishing the influence of your enemies

Iran is making it very clear who has won that battle!!"

The American effort to stem the flow of Iranian arms to Syria has faltered because of Iraq’s reluctance to inspect aircraft carrying the weapons through its airspace, American officials say.

The shipments have persisted at a critical time for President Bashar al-Assad of Syria, who has come under increasing military pressure from rebel fighters. The air corridor over Iraq has emerged as a main supply route for weapons, including rockets, antitank missiles, rocket-propelled grenade and mortars.

“The abuse of Iraqi airspace by Iran continues to be a concern,” an American official said

The Iranian flights present challenges for the Obama administration, which has been reluctant to provide arms to the Syrian rebels or to establish a no-fly zone over Syria for fear of becoming entangled in the conflict.

They also illustrate the limits of the administration’s influence with the Maliki government and point to divergent foreign-policy calculations in Washington and in Baghdad.

Adding to American concerns, Western intelligence officials say they are picking up new signs of activity at sites in Syria that are used to store chemical weapons.

Sending a warning to the West about the implications of providing more help to the Syrian rebels.

Fighting between rebels and government forces raged near the Syrian capital Damascus on Monday, forcing an inbound commercial jet to turn back while the U.N. said it was withdrawing staff because of deteriorating security conditions.

"The security situation has become extremely difficult, including in Damascus," said Radhouane Nouicer, the U.N.'s regional humanitarian coordinator for Syria.

In another sign of deteriorating security, an Egyptian commercial jet aborted a trip to Damascus in mid-flight because of violence near the airport. The EgyptAir flight from Cairo rerouted about 30 minutes after takeoff because Egyptian officials received word from their counterparts in Damascus that the area near the airport was not safe, Egyptian airport officials said.

This is just more evidence to what a failure the Iraq War has been to the interest of the U.S. - (No thanks to the Pawn of Satan George W Bush!) with 100% accuracy written at LastDayWatchers