Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Binocular Snapshot for 10/17/2012

LastDayWatchers with 100% accuracy review the starting point according to God's Word about The Bush Administration in Prophecy

"Habakkuk describe with precision and accurate detail of the Bush Administration in chapter 2 verse 5

"Moreover, wine and wealth are treacherous; the proud man [the Chaldean Invader] is restless and cannot stay at home"

His appetite is large like that of sheol and [his greed] is like death and cannot be satisfied; he gather to himself all nations, and collect all people as if he owned them."

LastDayWatchers I want you to know that some of the greatest scholars in the history of bible study have given the Amplified Bible as the best translation to this verse.

Some of the most esteem editors that have contributed to the Amplified Bible translation are to name a few

  • Frederic William Bush, PH.D, ... Fuller Theological Seminary
  •  R.K. Harrison, PH.D, .... Gord-Conwell Theological Seminar
  • H.R. Minn PH.D, .... University of Auckland
  • Sylvio Scorza PH.D, TH.D, .... Northwestern College
  •     Bruce Waltke, TH.D, PH.D, .... Regent College 
  •             Kyle M. Yates, PH.D, .... Baylor University
They all agree with the Amplified Bible translation of Habakkuk verse 5