Friday, October 26, 2012

Binocular Snapshot for 10/26/2012

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A suicide bomber killed 40 people and wounded at least 50 more in at attack that targeted security personnel and government officials as they left a mosque in the northern Afghan province of Farya 

"The suicide bomber detonated a large explosive device at the gate of the mosque as worshipers left the service for Eid al Adha. The suicide bomber may have been wearing a police uniform, TOLONews reported.

At least 19 security personnel from the Army, police, and the National Directorate of Security, Afghanistan's intelligence service, were killed in the blast."

You will see from the 3 horns areas

Hezbollah would target Jerusalem: Israeli military

"The sources added that Hezbollah and the Syrian regime currently had high precision long-range missiles that could target key Israeli state institutions in the event of a conflict with Iran that draws in Hamas, Damascus and Hezbollah.

“As a result of the presence of missiles with high precision in the hands of Hezbollah and Syria, damage could be done to key targets in West Jerusalem in an upcoming war,"

Devastation, along with Israel (lost & found) failings

John Brennan has more control over who appears on the kill lists than anyone save President Obama. And even he thinks the CIA can't be trusted

" It isn't just that drones are frequently crashing, sometimes on urban neighborhoods in the part of the world where John Brennan, the top counterterrorism adviser to President Obama, says that he's been most successful controlling the unmanned program. It's that a drone there isn't or wasn't entirely under the control of its minders!"

"U.S. counterterrorist effort that has become increasingly and narrowly focused on eliminating the people in the matrices rather than on what leads people to become terrorists and to get into the matrices in the first place."

The United States, through its policies and actions, does a lot to affect which people, and how many people, become terrorists. Those actions include the drone strikes, with their collateral damage and power to enrage, that have become the preeminent means of elimination.

Another concept that is only slowly and belatedly being appreciated is that counterterrorism involves inherent trade-offs, between security and such things as civil liberties, personal privacy, and alternative use of public resources."

Just as the May 15th Prophecy have declared with 100% accuracy written at LastDayWatchers