Monday, October 8, 2012

Binocular Snapshot for 10/08/2012

LastDayWatchers Selah what the May 15th Prophecy told you back in 2008 in the post Hell And The Economy "They will use them as suicide jet bombers on the Green Zone , the U.S. Naval Fleet and key installations throughout the region; Dimona would come under attack day and night" and you will see the failures 

"In the next war Syrian and Iranian drones will also be sent on 'suicide' missions," a senior Air Force official recently told Ynet." 

Iran and Hezbollah have yet to respond officially to the downing of the drone, but in an interview with English-language Iranian network Press TV, retired Lebanese general Hisham Jaber estimated that the drone was American.

"The Negev desert is a very sensitive area," he added. "Everybody knows that the Dimona nuclear center is there and the Negev is also the nuclear reserve for the Israeli armed forces.

Operating a drone by remote control from such a long distance requires advanced capabilities, which Israel was not aware Hezbollah had acquired."

"Iran believe that it is Israel and the West that can be intimidated and it is in that context that we should interpret the puzzling appearance of the Hezbollah drone aircraft that was shot down over the Negev desert this weekend."

Instead of the Iranians receiving the memo the West wants them to read about the futility of further resistance to demands to end the enrichment of uranium that will make a nuclear bomb possible, they have just sent their own message. The drone is more than an indication that Iran will seek to retaliate against any strike on their nuclear facilities with one on Israel.

It’s also a sign that the terrorists in Lebanon can strike anywhere in Europe as well as the Middle East.

Rather than this drone being a reason for Israel and the West to stand down from a policy of pressing Iran to give up their nuclear dream, it is a warning that ought to reinforce the imperative need to stop them."

"Hezbollah and Iran continue to try to collect information in every possible way in order to harm Israel."

Israeli lawmaker Miri Regev, a former chief spokeswoman for the Israeli military, wrote on her Twitter feed.

Hezbollah has attempted to send unmanned aerial vehicles into Israel on several occasions dating back to 2004. Its leader, Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, has claimed that the group's pilotless aircraft were capable of carrying explosives and striking deep into Israel. The last known attempt by Hezbollah to use a drone took place during the 2006 war, when Israel shot down an Iranian-made pilotless aircraft that entered Israeli airspace.

Since the fighting ended, the sides have been locked in a covert battle against one another."

If Israel wanted to attack, it would have long ago

"Iran's foreign minister said in an interview Monday that Israel would have attacked his country long ago if it could and wished to do so.

“If the Israelis had wanted to attack us, and if they could have done so, they would have done so long ago,” said Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi on Monday to the German news weekly Der Spiegel."

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