Friday, August 17, 2012

Binocular Snapshot for 08/17/2012

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Thirty-eight soldiers killed themselves in July, the worst month for suicides since the Army began releasing figures in 2009, according to Pentagon officials

"If soldiers continue to take their lives at the current rate, the Army will lose about 200 active-duty troops this year, a number that is significantly higher than any year in the past decade.

In July there were 26 active-duty suicides and 12 suicides among National Guardsmen and reservists who were not serving in uniform at the time of their deaths. The combined 38 Army suicides is twice the number of troops killed in Afghanistan this month.

The Marine Corps had eight suicides in July, the highest monthly number so far this year, according to the Associated Press."

"Suicide is the toughest enemy I have faced in my 37 years in the Army," said Gen. Lloyd J. Austin III, the Army's vice chief of staff, who is spearheading his service's efforts to find ways to halt the surge in suicides."

"That said, I do believe suicide is preventable," Austin added. "To combat it effectively will require sophisticated solutions aimed at helping individuals to build resiliency and strengthen their life coping skills."

Suicidal behavior in the military is thought to be related to cumulative stress from combat duty, but it also is believed to be linked to a range of other pressures such as marital and financial problems as well as health issues."

The failures mount up

Afghan police officer kills two U.S. troops

"A member of the Afghan security forces killed two U.S. troops Friday morning — the most recent in a string of insider attacks that threaten to undermine U.S.-Afghan military relations.

The attack occurred hours after Taliban leader Mohammad Omar issued a statement boasting of insurgents’ ability to infiltrate the Afghan security forces — a tactic that he said limits the number of civilian casualties.

Later Friday, an Afghan soldier turned his weapon against foreign troops in Kandahar province in southern Afghanistan, according to military officials. That attack left three NATO troops wounded."

"Mullah Omar, the leader of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, or the Taliban, addressed the issue of green-on-blue attacks in a statement released yesterday. In the statement, Omar claimed that the Taliban "cleverly infiltrated in the ranks of the enemy according to the plan given to them last year."

And the horns congeal

Iran and Hezbollah issue warnings to Israel

"Hassan Nasrallah, the head of Lebanon-based Hezbollah group, and Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, the Iranian president, have issued stern warnings to Israel, saying that any aggression on that country's part would be met with a swift armed response.

"Open your ears: there will be no Zionist regime and no United States [domination] in the new Middle East map," Ahmadinejad said.

Iranian President Ahmadinejad, speaking in Tehran, said that Israel was a "cancerous tumour" that would one day cease to exist.

"The occupied territories should be fully returned to the Palestinians, Nobody in the world can say he is in favour of human rights and approve the Zionist regime."

the Iranian president told supporters at Tehran University."

Hezbollah Chief Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah warned Israel Friday that any attack on Lebanon would be met with a fierce response that would kill tens of thousands of Israelis and turn the Jewish state into a hell on earth

"He said that Israel has escalated its tone about destroying Lebanon, adding that although Israel has the power to do so, Hezbollah could punish the Jewish state.

“I'm not saying I can destroy Israel, but I can say that Hezbollah has the ability to turn the lives of millions of Zionists in occupied Palestine into a real hell," Nasrallah said. “We can change the face of Israel."

Nasrallah also noted that the rockets are already directed at those targets and ready to be launched should Israel attack Lebanon.

"We know of certain targets that can be hit by a small number of rockets that would turn the lives of hundreds of thousands of Zionists into hell,"

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