Monday, July 16, 2012

Binocular Snapshot for 07/16/2012

LastDayWatchers now take the time to revisit The Curse Magnified & Compounded

"You have plotted the ruin of many peoples, shaming your own house and forfeiting your life."
NIV translation

"You have devised shame to your house by cutting off and putting an end to many peoples, and you have sinned against and forfeited your own life."
Amplified translation

"But you will bring shame on your family and ruin to yourself, for what you did to others."
Contemporary English Version

LastDayWatchers you are the only ones to know the true meaning of this announcement noted above that is made to the proud man who invaded Iraq spoken of by the May 15th Prophecy via Habakkuk 2:5
(See: The Bush Administration in Prophecy)

Which is only part of God Curse he will put on the Pawn of Satan Fire Starter"