Monday, July 9, 2012

Binocular Snapshot for 07/09/2012

LastDayWatchers see how the failures continues as

“We can ask the question what will happen when we leave, but let’s remember that this is actually happening while we’re still there.”

The close-up shooting took place in Parwan Province before a crowd of 150 onlookers who cheered the killers as “mujahideen” as the woman was shot nine times. The Afghan government says the incident, captured on video, was the work of the Taliban; a Taliban spokesman denies this.

Parwan Province lies just north of the capital Kabul and houses Bagram Air Field, a massive US base. This incident took place directly under the noses of the Afghan government and the international community.

The province has received a lot of development assistance, both by nongovernmental organizations based out of nearby Kabul and from the military Provincial Reconstruction Team operating out of Bagram.

A local elder in Parwan once told me how the foreigners had now built three girls’ schools within a mile of each other. Girls schools are a popular project for foreigners, and Parwan is a popular place to put them, given the relative security, 

but there weren’t enough girls in the area to fill three, the elder claimed. Instead, the security guard at one of the schools did nothing but protect the squirrels and birds who nested in the empty building.

So if there’s any place where the international community might expect to wield influence and blunt the rougher edges of village life, Parwan would be it, the execution follows a number of disturbing events in Parwan that suggest slipping Western influence."

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