Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Binocular Snapshot for 07/04/2012

LastDayWatchers there is more to and from "the arrogant war attitude adding fuel to the fire"

"There is evidence that sacrificing human rights has not made America any safer."

There is no doubt that both the Bush and Obama administrations have trampled on fundamental human rights norms on the grounds that certain sacrifices must be made in order to protect American national interests.

For instance, the increased use of drone attacks might or might not have disrupted terror networks in Pakistan and Afghanistan, but we do know that they have killed and injured countless civilians and inflamed anti-American rhetoric.

The issue isn't whether the United States will be able to win a popularity contest in the region (this is doubtful even in the best of times), but rather, that 

Alienating large swaths of the local population makes it much more difficult to defeat terrorism.

Similarly, in the name of counterterrorism, the United States has pursued worrisome policies, including targeted assassinations overseas and intrusions on civil liberties."

Afghan soldier wounds 5 U.S. soldiers in base attack

"An Afghan soldier shot and wounded five U.S. soldiers late Tuesday at a base in eastern Afghanistan in what is the latest in a series of “green on blue” attacks by local forces on their coalition counterparts.

Tuesday’s attack comes after three British troops were shot dead Sunday in southern Helmand province by a man wearing an Afghan police uniform.

Afghan security forces will be responsible for defending their country when coalition troops withdraw by the end of 2014, and the incidents raise questions about their reliability."

"The number of insider attacks against foreign forces in Afghanistan has increased this year, undermining the trust between allies and efforts to prepare Afghan troops to take over their own security as international combat troops prepare to withdraw."

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Iranian general claims 'measures have been taken' to ensure a swift counterattack should U.S. or Israel strike