Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Binocular Snapshot for 04/10/2012

LastDayWatchers as the failures continue to mount up

Multiple Bombings Strike Afghanistan

"A Taliban spokesman, Qari Yusuf, claimed responsibility for the attack in Helmand but even hours after the bombing in Herat said he had no information on it.

In a further sign that the insurgents’ spring offensive is under way, suicide bombers struck in western and southern Afghanistan on Tuesday, killing as many as 18 people, according to Afghan officials in Herat and Helmand, where the attacks took place.

The target of the bombing in Herat appeared to be the government center in Guzara district, which is on the edge of the city on the road to the airport. The suicide bomber reached the gates of the government center, which at 8:45 in the morning was busy with people doing their business, and exploded as the police opened fire on the vehicle. At least three policemen died in the blast as they tried to stop the bomber."

"The Taliban have been targeting members of the Afghan security forces, particularly members of the Afghan local police, as well as anyone who cooperates with ISAF forces."

The Taliban have also emphasized infiltrating security forces and killing both Afghan and ISAF members of those forces in an effort to sow distrust.

On April 6, a suicide bomber killed the head of Kunar's peace council. The same day, the Taliban killed four policemen in three separate attacks in Helmand province.

On April 5 a Taliban suicide bomber killed Nazik Mir, an influential commander of the Afghan Local Police in Kisham district in Badakhshan. The same day, the Taliban killed eight members of the Afghan local police and captured two more in Faryab's Khaki Safed district.

On April 4, a Taliban suicide bomber killed 12 people, including three US soldiers and four Afghan policemen, in an attack in Mamiama, the provincial capital of Faryab.

On March 30, a member of the Afghan Local Police who is reportedly a Taliban infiltrator killed nine of his colleagues as they slept. He poisoned them first, then gunned them down and stole their weapons. And on March 26, a member of the ALP gunned down an ISAF soldier at a checkpoint in the east."

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