Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Binocular Snapshot for 03/20/2012

LastDayWatchers you will continue to see more evidence which exposes the lie to the so-called "success of the surge"

More than 30 bombs struck cities and towns across Iraq on Tuesday, killing at least 52 people and wounding about 250

"Despite a massive security clampdown ahead of next week's Arab League summit in Baghdad.

"The second explosion caused the biggest destruction. I saw body parts, fingers, hands thrown on the road," 23-year-old shop owner Murtadha Ali Kadhim told Reuters.

Blasts also struck in the capital, in Baiji, Baquba, Daquq, Dibis, Dhuluiya, Kirkuk, Mosul, Samarra, Tuz Khurmato, Khalis and Dujail to the north, in Falluja and Ramadi to the west, and Hilla, Latifiya, Mahmudiya and Mussayab to the south. Police defused bombs in Baquba, Falluja and Mosul."

"Reports that two of today’s attacks were right outside Baghdad’s Green Zone, where the summit will be held, and most of the 16 attacks nationwide targeted police checkpoints and patrols"

The New York Times reports that amid the heightened security, violence has at least fallen in Baghdad in recent weeks and that “if there is any silver lining for Iraqi officials, it was that the worst of the day’s attacks were outside Baghdad.”

The spate of attacks since the US troop withdrawal in December has Iraqi and US officials concerned. One US official told The Washington Post, “I would classify what we are seeing as a resurgent Al Qaeda,” calling the group “tremendously resilient.”

The unnamed official made the comments earlier this month."

"In the face of aggression from the enemies, whether from America or the Zionist regime, to defend ourselves we will attack on the same level as the enemies attack us," Khamenei said in a speech broadcast on state television."

Israel and the US have threatened military action against Iran unless it abandons nuclear activities which the West suspects are intended to develop nuclear weapons.

"Americans are making a grave mistake if they think by making threats they will destroy the Iranian nation,"

As the contractions to the birth pains continues as well

"The U.S. Geological Survey reported the quake had a magnitude of 7.6, while Mexican President Felipe Calderon said in a Twitter post it was 7.8."

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