Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Binocular Snapshot for 02/29/2012

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Hezbollah: Israeli attack on Iran would set Middle East ablaze

"America knows that if there is a war on Iran, this means that the whole region will be set alight, with no limit to the fires," Hezbollah deputy Sheikh Naim Qassem told Reuters.

Asked whether the militant Shi'ite group, which fought a 34-day war with Israel six years ago, would attack Israel in response to any strike on Iran, Qassem said Iran could defend itself but that such an attack would "ignite the entire region".

Qassem said the upheaval was largely the work of the United States, which had been "inciting unrest in Syria and providing financial and military aid for use in the violence and killing inside Syria".

"The fighting in Syria has exacerbated that, as Shiites worry that a takeover of Syria by its Sunni majority would herald not only a new sectarian war but actually the apocalypse."

According to Shiite lore, Sufyani — a devil-like, apocryphal figure in Islam — gathers an army in Syria and after conquering that land turns his wrath on Iraq’s Shiites.

People here say that is not hyperbole, but a perception based in faith. Some Shiites here see the burgeoning civil war in Syria as the ominous start to the fulfillment of a Shiite prophecy that presages the end of time."

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