Thursday, February 16, 2012

Binocular Snapshot for 02/16/2012

LastDayWatchers more and more the true results will expose the lies to the so-called "success of the surge" as

A Violent New Year in Iraq

"There has been a rapid and widespread deterioration of security in Iraq since the mid-December end of the U.S. military mission there, perceptions of security in Iraq are often based on the number of mass-casualty attacks—such as car bombs and suicide-vest attacks in crowded places—undertaken in high-visibility locations like Baghdad or the number of deaths reported by the Iraqi government.

Yet a closer look at violence in Iraq’s provinces produces an even dimmer view of what has occurred since mid-December 2011. Mass-casualty attacks tell only part of the story of violence in Iraq, and mortality statistics overlook the targeted nature of violence in today’s Iraq, where a high proportion of victims are local progovernment community leaders. For every one person of this kind who is killed, an exponential number of others are intimidated into passive support for insurgent groups.

Analysis of general incident levels across the country is a better means of tracking these trends, but it is precisely this kind of data that the U.S. government no longer receives due to its military disengagement in Iraq."

"This is a time for thoughtful consideration, not exhortation. After all, we've been through this with Iraq. Which went so well that US diplomats can't travel freely in Baghdad less than two months after our pull-out."

If we can't control what happens in Iraq, a nation which we conquered for a time, we're not very well going to control what happens in Iran, a more formidable opponent which, unlike Saddam's Iraq, really does have international terrorist assets.

Pushing such a war is an obviously very dangerous idea. But it's treated rather blithely in a stenographic US media, with little attention to its substance or peril. Even in the record number of Republican debates, in which media moderators have allowed candidates to mouth their shallow talking points without any substantive discussion.

While Iran's growing role in the region is alarming to many Arab states and beyond, the underlying dynamic is principally Iran vs. Israel, two governments presently controlled by religionists. One which may well have a Mahdi complex, another which may well have a Masada complex."

"Van Buren said. “I went to Iraq to represent the United States, to do the United States’ business, and I found out that we were lying to ourselves. We weren’t doing what we said we were doing. And I simply came back and wrote that all down.”

The May 15th Prophecy have proclaimed with 100% accuracy written at LastDayWatchers


"The aid was one of the commitments of the parties that signed the peace agreement so if there is a breach from one side it gives the right of review to the parties," added Erian, the deputy leader of the Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party, the biggest group in the newly elected parliament."

We support our troops … but why fight and die for white supremacy?