Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Binocular Snapshot for 12/14/2011

LastDayWatchers the lukewarm, gullible sleepwalkers will continue to be feed the propaganda

US is Winning Afghan War, Panetta Says

"The US Secretary of Defence, Leon Panetta, said on Wednesday said that the United States is winning the 10-year conflict in Afghanistan.

While visiting troops in Paktika province, Mr Panetta said: "We're moving in the right direction and we're winning this very tough conflict."

The defence secretary arrived in Kabul on Tuesday on a surprise visit and is expected to meet US commanders and Afghan officials."

"His upbeat assessment of the war, however, came against a backdrop of the eroding relations with Pakistan."

However manifestation to the true reality's on the ground will continue as well

District Governor Killed in Helmand Blast

"The district governor of Khan Shin, Massoud Balouch, was killed in a blast in southern Helmand province on Wednesday, a local official said.

The incident took place in Khan Shin district in the early afternoon when the truck Mr Balouch was travelling in struck a roadside bomb, provincial spokesman Dawood Ahmadi said.

Two others, including an Afghan policeman, also died. Three others, including another policeman, were wounded."

Names of the Dead

"The Department of Defense has identified 1,836 American service members who have died as a part of the Afghan war and related operations. It confirmed the deaths of the following Americans on Tuesday:

MUNIZ, Christopher L., 24, Sgt., Army; New Cuyama, Calif.; 25th Infantry Division.

WILDRICK, Ronald H. Jr., 30, Specialist, Army; Blairstown, N.J.; 25th Infantry Division."

"America is preparing to leave behind an Afghanistan that looks like incipient chaos to Pakistan."

In Peshawar, General Malik talked with polite disdain about his neighbor to the west. His biggest fear — one I’m told Kayani stresses in every meeting with his American counterparts.

The capability of the Afghan National Security Forces, an army of 170,000 and another 135,000 police, responsible for preventing Afghanistan from disintegrating back into failed-state status."

Just like Iraq

"More than 10,000 Iraqi soldiers and police have been killed since the new force was established -- more than double the number of American military deaths."

Building up an Iraqi military and police able to protect the country became a key goal of the United States and its allies after they defeated and then disbanded the Saddam Hussein-era force in 2003. As America's role in Iraq fades, the results appear at best incomplete.

After billions of dollars and nearly nine years of training, American troops are leaving behind an Iraqi security force arguably capable of providing internal security but unprepared to defend the nation against foreign threats.

The departure of American forces this month also leaves Iraq vulnerable to threats from its neighbors -- Iran to the east, Turkey to the north and Syria to the west."

"Iraqi officials say a double bombing in northern Iraq has killed at least two people and wounding dozens.

Police and hospital officials in Tal Afar say a parked car bomb first went off in the western part of the city, causing no casualties. As people gathered at the scene, a truck packed with explosives blew up nearby, tearing through the crowd."
The officials say at least 29 people were wounded in Wednesday's blast."

Which is why you will continue to see the failure mount up

Hezbollah names of the CIA station chief in Beirut and several other alleged CIA staffers is a serious blow to the US agency's ability to gather intelligence

"Amid what appears to be an intensifying undercover war between the West and Iran, according to a former CIA officer.

“There’s obviously an espionage war going on in Iran. And to lose an asset in the middle of a war like this, I think it’s catastrophic,”

says Robert Baer, a former CIA officer who operated in Lebanon in the 1980s.

The television report added weight to recent revelations that the CIA was forced to abandon its Lebanon operations after Hezbollah discovered the identity of several spies.

“The CIA station in Lebanon, through a team of operating officers, executes tasks of recruitment that target all colors of the Lebanese spectrum – government employees, security and official individuals, Lebanese politicians, media people, religious people, social people, bankers, medics, and academics,” Al-Manar said in a report that used cartoons and graphics."

"Furthermore, American hostility toward Iran reinforces the domestic legitimacy of the Iranian regime and discredits the democratic opposition, an outcome that is not in the long-term interest of the United States."

As the 10 horns await their shared hour.selah

"Greece, Italy and Spain are Iran's top oil importers (in the EU), and they have the most fragile markets as well. Any disruption of oil flow will cause an energy crisis in those countries," an Iranian Oil Ministry official said.

That analysis is to some degree shared by many Western diplomats and traders contacted by Reuters. Officials in the Obama administration have said they oppose hitting Iran's global oil exports or its central bank, because of the potential impact on the world's economy, although pressure for such a move has increased in Congress.

"Europe and America cannot seriously put the sanctions into practice and the Islamic Republic has the upper hand in the current situation and can take advantage from the existing circumstances,"

Parviz Sorouri, a member of parliament's national security committee, told the Fars news agency."

If Albert Einstein’s dictum of insanity being the act of doing the same thing again and again expecting different results were applied to the eurozone, political leaders would be well on their way to being institutionalised

"European Union summit has widely been derided as being the latest in a series of inadequate responses to an ever-worsening crisis. But the most eye-catching detail came not from the summit deal itself, which in any case was long on rhetoric and short on specifics, but from the European Central Bank the day before.

“financial repression” – the term coined by Carmen Reinhart for using captive domestic investors to keep interest rates low – is one of the main ways that western governments will try to get rid of their huge debt burdens.

But it also raises big questions about banks at a time when investors are already fleeing them, in part due to their sovereign exposures."

"The mere evocation of armed forces taking over a European Union country helps highlight the likely peril. Such scenarios (multiple departures from the euro, the collapse of the currency) used to be considered outlandish."

Just as the May 15th Prophecy have proclaimed with 100% accuracy written at LastDayWatchers


"The cheerleaders for the war had no first-hand experience in warfare."