Friday, December 9, 2011

Binocular Snapshot for 12/09/2011

LastDayWatchers as the failures continue to add up

Suicide bomber kills 6 Afghans in mosque attack

"A suicide bomber killed six Afghans, including a district police chief, in an attack at a mosque in the eastern province of Kunar, a known haven for the Taliban and al Qaeda.

The suicide bomber detonated his explosive-packed vest as worshippers were leaving the mosque in the district of Ghaziabad.

"The attacker detonated his explosives in the mosque, killing the district police chief, an intelligence officer, two police and two civilians," Kunar's governor told AFP."

NATO tankers destroyed in Pakistan

"At least seven militants on motorcycles took part in Thursday night's attack, said police official Hamid Shakeel. All seven escaped the scene.

Militants armed with rocket-propelled grenades and automatic weapons attacked and destroyed at least 22 oil tankers parked in Pakistan, carrying fuel for NATO troops in Afghanistan, a senior Pakistani police official told CNN.

The attacks have forced NATO to increasingly use alternative routes through central Asia."

Names of the Dead

"The Department of Defense has identified 1,833 American service members who have died as a part of the Afghan war and related operations. It confirmed the deaths of the following Americans this week:

CORLEY, Clark A. Jr., 35, Sgt. First Class, Army; Oxnard, Calif.; Second Battalion, Fifth Infantry, Third Brigade Combat Team.

LUMLEY, Ryan M., 21, Specialist, Army; Lakeland, Fla.; Second Battalion, Fifth Infantry, Third Brigade Combat Team.

MAYBERRY, Thomas J., 21, Specialist, Army; Springville, Calif.; Second Battalion, Fifth Infantry, Third Brigade Combat Team."

Therefore get ready to see more of events like this

A North Carolina deputy sheriff was shot and killed Wednesday as he tried to arrest an Iraq war veteran with an outstanding arrest warrant for not paying child support, authorities said. The suspect then took his own life

"Martin Poynter, pulled out a gun and fatally shot Rhyne outside an abandoned home near Vass, which is 60 miles southwest of Raleigh, Poynter then turned the same gun on himself and also died, the sheriff said.

Martin Poynter didn’t have a criminal record, but he was recently taken into custody for a mental evaluation after being involved in a domestic dispute following his return from military service in Iraq a few years ago, Carter said.

Rhyne started in law enforcement in Pinehurst in 1974 and served as police chief at Foxfire Village for 26 years beginning in 1981. He came to the Moore County Sheriff’s Office in 2007, working at the courthouse and as a school resource officer as well as helping with patrol, Cater said."

"Pew Research Center reported Thursday that 27 percent of all military veterans say the time following their release from active duty was difficult for them. Among those who served since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attack, that portion swells to 44 percent — a higher rate than for those who served in Vietnam, Korea, or World War II."

Not surprisingly, those who served in a combat zone and those who knew someone who was killed or injured in combat faced steeper odds of an easy reentry.

Overall, 32 percent of all military vets say their military experience was "emotionally traumatic or distressing" — a proportion that increases to 43 percent among those who served since 9/11, Pew found.

Here, Pew finds that a smaller share of Americans currently serve in the armed forces than at any time since the peace-time era between World Wars I and II, and that consequently far fewer people have relatives in uniform or even know anybody who has served. As a result, Pew reported, fewer than half (47 percent) of those without family ties to the military say they have reached out to help a servicemember or military family — efforts that might help with reentry difficulties.

"During the past decade, as the military has been engaged in the longest period of sustained conflict in the nation’s history, just one-half of one percent of American adults has served on active duty at any given time," Pew reported in November. "As the size of the military shrinks, the connections between military personnel and the broader civilian population appear to be growing more distant."

The 100% accuracy of the May 15th Prophecy written at LastDayWatchers


"These Sentinels are pretty rare technology still, and to have one in such good condition, to be lost to a potential adversary like this, is pretty significant, especially because Iran has open ties to Russia and has been courted by China,"

"The capture of a mostly intact RQ-170 by a hostile power like Iran is "the biggest Christmas present to our enemies in probably a decade"

"If something goes wrong, Netanyahu will be in deep trouble, because he will not be able to argue that he wasn’t warned,"