Saturday, November 26, 2011

Binocular Snapshot for 11/26/2011

LastDayWatchers as you watch you will continue to see the failures mount up, just as

A string of explosions hit a Baghdad market and the capital's western outskirts on Saturday, killing at least 15 people

"Exposing the challenges still facing Iraqi security forces just over a month before all American troops leave the country.

The bombings mark the second major attack against Iraqi civilians this week and come as American forces are packing up to leave and handing over their remaining security responsibilities to Iraqi forces. Many Iraqis are concerned that insurgents may use the transition period to launch more attacks in a bid to regain their former prominence and destabilize the country.

As the U.S. has drawn down the number of American troops in Iraq over the last year, the U.S. military has played more of an advising role to Iraqi security forces, leaving the more high-profile jobs such as patrolling and manning checkpoints to Iraqi security forces, in a recent interview with The Associated Press, Gen. Austin said 

"What we've learned about Al Qaeda is they have a very sophisticated network and the ability to kind of see themselves across the country, and synchronize activities, in order to counter that I think you need the ability to put pressure on the network."

You see how, even the Generals on the ground who know whats really going on admit (although unknowingly) the failures to the success of the surge?

NATO Strikes Kill Pakistani Forces, Raising Tensions

"Pakistani officials said Saturday that NATO aircraft had killed at least 25 soldiers in strikes against two military posts at the northwestern border with Afghanistan, and the country’s supreme army commander called them unprovoked acts of aggression, in a new flash point between the United States and Pakistan.

The Pakistani government responded by ordering the C.I.A. to vacate the drone operations it runs from Shamsi Air Base, in northern Pakistan, within 15 days and by closing down the two main NATO supply routes into Afghanistan, including the one at Torkham.

In Washington, American officials were scrambling to assess what had happened and weigh the implications on a relationship that took a sharp turn for the worse after a United States military helicopter raid killed Osama bin Laden near Islamabad in May, and that has deteriorated since then."

"The incident, which was described as “unacceptable” by Pakistan, pushed already fragile relations between Islamabad and Washington toward a breaking point."

The attack took place in the early hours of Saturday morning, around 2 a.m. local time, at an outpost on a mountain about 1.5 miles from the border, in the Mohmand part of the tribal area. Mohmand borders both Kunar and Nangarhar provinces in eastern Afghanistan.

It will also pour fuel on the already raging anti-American sentiment in this key U.S. ally. Although there have been previous deaths of Pakistani troops caused by mistaken fire from NATO aircraft, the scale of the bloodshed this time was far greater, with some reports putting the fatalities as high at 28."

The May 15th Prophecy have proclaimed with 100% accuracy written at LastDayWatchers


Many Iraqis, regardless of the circumstances, blame the United States for attacks like these, but interpreting the motives for seemingly senseless bombings in Iraq is an imprecise exercise; groups do not often claim responsibility.

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