Monday, October 10, 2011

Binocular Snapshot for 10/10/2011

LastDayWatchers you will continue to see more evidence which exposes the lies to the so-called "success of the surge"

String of blasts in Iraq capital kills at least 10

"A string of explosions targeting security officials — and people who rushed to the scene to help the injured — killed at least 10 people in western Baghdad Monday evening, officials said.

The first explosion came from a roadside bomb in a Shiite neighborhood, targeting an Iraqi army patrol, a police official said. Minutes later, a second bomb exploded nearby, targeting a passing police patrol.

As firefighters arrived on the scene of the first blast, the third bomb went off, an official said, he said 19 people were also wounded in the attacks. A hospital official confirmed the casualties.

In another incident, six members of a land mine removal team died when a controlled detonation of old land mines went wrong, said a police official Monday, as the troops went to investigate, the explosion erupted, killing three Iraqi soldiers and three explosives experts."

Also more evidence which shed more light to the failures from the Pyrrhic Victory

Villagers proudly declare a willingness to sacrifice their lives to defend their country's nuclear program from attack by the West

"If history is any judge, the pledges by residents of Fordo are more than bluster. The village is already enshrined in Iranian lore for suffering the greatest per capita losses during the 1980s war with Iraq.

"I lost four family members to defend Iran against Saddam. I'm ready to sacrifice my blood and the blood of my other children to defend nuclear facilities against foreign threats now," said 73-year-old Kazem Koohi in his walnut orchard on the outskirts of Fordo

"That Iran's crucial enrichment site carries the name of our village is a matter of great pride for us," boasted Esmaeil Karbalaei, a resident of Fordo — which had 104 battlefield "martyrs" in the Iraq war from a population of about 2,500.

"If the enemy knows that Iran has a facility to continue enrichment in case Natanz comes under attack, then the value of attacking Natanz is diminished to zero,"

Analyst Mahdi Mohammadi says Fordo's strategic purpose is to deter an attack on Natanz.

Israel got the message almost immediately. Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak noted in 2009 that Fordo is "immune" to bombings, the most powerful "bunker buster" bombs can only penetrate up to 66 feet (20 meters) of earth or six feet (two meters) of reinforced concrete.

In Fordo village, Koohi said Iran has every right to master enrichment technology because it can't trust that the West will give nuclear fuel to Iran for its future nuclear power plants.

"There is no bomb on earth that can penetrate 90 meters of hard rock. So, bunker busters or guided bombs are of no use to U.S. or Israel if they are to attack. Fordo is a non-penetrable facility to air or missile strike," said a senior Iranian military official."

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