Sunday, October 2, 2011

Binocular Snapshot for 10/02/2011

LastDayWatchers  Watch while great sleep falls on the so-called "Iraq Awakening"

Four anti-al-Qaeda fighters died Sunday when two roadside bombs exploded as their patrol

"The attack took place near the town of Mishahda, 20 miles north of Baghdad.

A police officer said the first bomb went off next to a passing patrol of the Sahwa or Awakening Councils, a network of predominantly Sunni Arab militias allied with the Iraqi government.

The officer said the second bomb hit another patrol rushing to the scene a few minutes later, killing two others. Three Sahwa fighters were injured in the blasts.

The Sahwa have often been targeted by insurgents who accuse them of being traitors and supporters of the Shiite-led government in Baghdad."

God curse to the Bush/Obama Administrations continues as

Nine Afghan Troops Killed in Roadside Bomb Blast

"Four other ANA soldiers were wounded in the incident, Rohullah Samoon, a spokesman for the provincial governor, said

Nine Afghan National Army soldiers were killed when a roadside bomb exploded near a convoy on patrol in Paktia province, local officials said."

Spoken of with 100% accuracy by The May 15th Prophecy written at LastDayWatchers