Sunday, September 25, 2011

Binocular Snapshot for 9/25/2011

LastDayWatchers as you see more evidence which exposes the lie to the so-called success of the surge as

Explosions in Iraq holy city of Karbala kill 15

"Four coordinated explosions killed 15 people and injured at least 113 Sunday morning in the Shiite holy city of Karbala, 55 miles southwest of the Iraqi capital.

The first charge detonated at 9:30 a.m. in front of a government building that issues IDs and badges, according to a Karbala police spokesman. Three more explosions followed as police and emergency workers gathered. The explosions sheared off the facades of several buildings. The dead include five Iraqi policemen. Four children and many Iraqi security officers were wounded.

Karbala — home to one of Shiite Islam’s most significant shrines and the tomb of one of the prophet Muhammad’s grandsons — has been a consistent target for radical Sunni insurgents looking to make headlines, incite sectarian violence and kill religious pilgrims from outside the province.

Sunday’s attacks were executed by al-Qaeda in Iraq, which seeks to prove that Iraqi security forces cannot maintain order in advance of the Dec. 31 deadline for U.S. troop withdrawal

said Ganim al-Karbalie, spokesman for the Karbala provincial council."

Motorbike Bomber Kills 4 People in Eastern Afghanistan

"A suicide bomber on a motorcycle blew himself up outside a police station in Paktia province on Sunday, killing four people, the Associated Press reported citing security officials.

Two policemen and two civilians died in the attack in Yahya Khel district of the province which shares a border with Pakistan, the AP said."

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The next war against Israel is coming

"The so-called Arab Spring was supposed to usher in Arab self-introspection about why intolerant strongmen keep sprouting up in the Mideast. Postrevolutionary critics could freely examine self-inflicted Arab wounds, such as tribalism, religious intolerance, authoritarianism, endemic corruption, closed economies, and gender apartheid.

Pakistan is the world's leading host and exporter of jihadists obsessed with destroying Israel. The oil-rich Gulf states use their vast petroleum wealth and clout to line up oil importers against Israel. The 21st-century United Nations is a de facto enemy of the Jewish state.

But so far, "revolutionaries" sound a lot more like reactionaries. They are more often retreating to the tired conspiracies that the Israelis and Americans pushed onto innocent Arab publics homegrown corrupt madmen such as Bashar al-Assad, Moammar Gadhafi, and Hosni Mubarak.

Meanwhile, the West is nearly bankrupt. The European Union is on the brink of dissolving, its population shrinking amid growing numbers of Islamic immigrants, America is $16 trillion in debt. We are tired of three wars.

Now a new array of factors - ever more Islamist enemies of Israel such as Turkey and Iran, ever more likelihood of frontline Arab Islamist governments, ever more fear of Islamic terrorism, ever more unabashed anti-Semitism, ever more petrodollars flowing into the Middle East, ever more chance of nuclear Islamist states.

So brace yourself. The next war against Israel is no longer a matter of if, only when. And it will be far more deadly than any we've witnessed in quite some time.

Not now. A soon-to-be-nuclear Iran serially promises to destroy Israel. The Erdogan government in Turkey brags about its Ottoman Islamist past and wants to provoke Israel into an eastern Mediterranean shooting war."

Specter of big defense cuts prompts big worries

"After more than doubling in the past 10 years, Pentagon budgets are in for big cuts from Congress in coming years. No one yet knows exactly what will be cut or how deeply the cuts will go, but everyone knows they're coming.

Defense spending hit a record high of $553 billion this year, excluding the cost of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. And it must be cut by $350 billion over the next 10 years because of the debt-limit agreement passed by Congress last month.

If Congress' "supercommittee" doesn't reach agreement in the next two months on a plan to reduce the nation's deficit by at least $1.2 trillion, automatically triggered cuts would slash as much as $600 billion from defense and security programs over the next decade.

Economic risks are very high, with the aerospace and defense industry supporting 2.9 million jobs in all 50 states, "make no mistake combining the cuts already incurred and the potential for more defense cuts, hundreds of thousands of American workers' jobs are at risk,"

In Washington state, Sheena Switzer, 23, already worries that her husband, an Iraq War veteran, might not receive any retirement pay.

"If we stick this out for 20 years and they don't give you a pension, then we just wasted 20 years," said Switzer, whose husband is a member of Joint Base Lewis-McChord's 4th Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division."

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