Friday, September 23, 2011

Binocular Snapshot for 9/23/2011

LastDayWatchers you will continue to see Israel (lost & found) becomes more isolated

"A "yes" vote in the General Assembly would raise Palestinians to the status of permanent observer "state," the status the Vatican currently holds"

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' ambitious push to gain full U.N. membership may seem unrealistic, but analysts say he is making hard-nosed calculations rooted in domestic politics."

"It also exposes Washington's dwindling influence in a region shaken by Arab uprisings and shifting alliances that have pushed Israel, for all its military muscle, deeper into isolation"

Trying to limit the fallout from the statehood bid, the Quartet of Middle East mediators agreed on a statement it hopes will revive Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, diplomats said."

"Palestinians hope to make it harder for Israel to resist already heavy global pressure to negotiate the borders of a future Palestine based on lines Israel held before capturing the West Bank, east Jerusalem and Gaza in 1967"

Netanyahu insists his commitment to peacemaking is genuine and accuses the Palestinians of going to the U.N. specifically to avoid negotiations.

With Council approval unlikely, they are expected to exercise that option, which, while more modest, would still be seen as valuable to the Palestinians because of the implicit recognition of the pre-1967 borders. It also would give the Palestinians access to international judicial bodies such as the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court, which Israel fears."

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