Saturday, September 10, 2011

Binocular Snapshot for 9/10/2011

LastDayWatchers as God curse of the Bush/Obama Administrations continues

Militants kill 5 Nato troops

"The soldiers' nationalities were not released and the precise location of the incident was not disclosed.

Three died following an insurgent attack in the east. Two died in separate incidents in the south, one following an insurgent attack and another after a bombing.

The latest fatalities came a day after Afghan national security adviser Rangin Dadfar Spanta met with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to discuss a new bilateral strategic pact."

"The Afghans have an endless stamina for a long war and, perceivably through a country-wise uprising, will send the Americans to the dustbin of the history like they did send other empires of the past to such a destination"

The Taliban mocked Western military superiority

"Armed with the weapon of belief and have infatuation with protecting their honor and dignity, such weapon is neither available in the arsenal of America nor in the warehouse of her Allies,likewise, the enemy has no deterrent to confront this weapon."

Today's statement claimed that the Taliban, after 10 years of fighting, have "dealt such a jaw-breaking blow at the American tyrants

"We believe the weapon of belief will ultimately overcome over that of the material prowess, if God willing."

The Taliban said they were prepared to wage a "long war" against the US."

Officials say gunmen using silenced weapons have killed three Iraqi soldiers in central Baghdad

"Two police officers say the gunmen attacked an army patrol on Saturday afternoon, opening fire from speeding cars in the Bab al-Muadham area. They say four people, including one soldier, were wounded in the attack.

Attacks on Iraqi forces have stepped up in recent months as the U.S. military prepares to withdraw from the country."

So will the deterioration to the positions of Judah

"Netanyahu must resort to asking for help from Obama, his great opponent, in order to evacuate the embassy employees. Once again, it becomes clear that Israel cannot manage without help from the United States"

Netanyahu now hopes that Israel might be able to get close with Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf States, who also seek to block the possibility of an Arab Spring in the region. In the West, Netanyahu is hoping to circumvent Turkey by strengthening ties with Greece, Bulgaria and Romania.

Israel cannot prevent the rise of Erdogan or the fall of Mubarak, the same way that it cannot halt Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

The fall of the American superpower is not Netanyahu’s fault. But he has not done a thing to mitigate the fallout from the aforementioned developments.

Israel’s political and strategic positions are far worse under his leadership.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is concerned that the Sinai Peninsula will turn into a larger version of the Gaza Strip."

"Only this week, the defense minister's senior political adviser Amos Gilead claimed that Israel's security situation "had never been better" and Arab regimes were "stable" – providing a vivid example of the wide gap between the government's situation evaluations and reality."

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