Monday, August 29, 2011

Binocular Snapshot for 8/29/2011

LastDayWatchers when you see the so-called "Awakening" being put to sleep

"Baghdad's Adhamiyah neighborhood, once a bastion for Sunni jihadis. He was among the clerics and tribal leaders who turned against the insurgency in the so-called Sunni "awakening"

Reuters reports that the Islamic Party of Iraq says the attack was carried out by the Islamic State of Iraq, a self-proclaimed Al Qaeda affiliate

Mr. Fahdawi. He was the seventh member of the Sunni-based party to be murdered in the past month.

The attack is a reminder that as US troop levels continue to dwindle (the US mandate expires at the end of this year), Iraq remains an inordinately violent place.

Events at the mosque since the 2003 help illustrate the challenges Iraq continues to confront.

"Al Qaeda has been distributing a lot of leaflets which say that there is no repentance for IIP members anymore, and killing them is allowed everywhere"

the attack highlights the fact that there are still many in the country willing to kill and die in service of the Sunni takfiri ideology of Al Qaeda.

The practice of takfir, declaring opponents to be infidels and apostates and therefore fair game for murder, is embraced by the group's fellow travelers in Iraq and elsewhere."

"In Mosul, six roadside bombs exploded in the town's center, wounding five police officers and two civilians"

Also, on the highway that connects Mosul to Syria, a roadside bomb exploded on an Iraqi army convoy, leaving two wounded.

In a separate incident, one man was killed after being attacked by gunmen. Two people were killed in Fallujah, officials said."

Know how Manasseh (U.S.) will continue to be weaken due to failed leadership

"9/11 put America into an unfamiliar "defensive crouch." It triggered a mad rush to protect ourselves. We endorsed government measures that pierced the privacy of email and telephones, and created a mammoth security bureaucracy that frisked nuns at airports — but, two Christmases ago, missed a would-be bomber with explosives tucked into his underwear"

"I think 9/11 and its aftermath years later were a shock to our national consciousness because of the way we thought about ourselves and our place in the world," said Nicholas Burns, the American ambassador to NATO, in the relentless search for security, we've wrestled with questions that go to the heart of who we are.

Has torturing suspected terrorists saved American lives or undermined the values we trumpet around the world?

Have warrantless wiretaps made us safer or just chipped away at the wall that protects the public from overzealous authority?

Causing the position of Judah weaken as well, to the point of ultimate failure

"A "senior defensive official" (Ehud Barak's) stated in a briefing to foreign correspondents that Israel would not be able to halt Iran's quest for atomic weapons by a single attack"

He concluded that the US stood a better chance than Israel of forcing Iran to change its mind about a nuclear weapon. "With all respect to Israel – the greatest fear of the [Iranian] regime is the USA."

The admission that the Iranians fear American military strength - but not Israel's – is tantamount to a formal acknowledgement that Israel has lost its military deterrence.

Binyamin Netanyahu and his right-of-center Likud have much to answer for.

A pledge to eradicate Iran's military nuclear program topped their election platform two and a half years ago. Since forming a broad coalition government in 2009, he has not lifted a finger to promote that objective or stem Iranian expansion across the Middle East and its boosts in arms and funding for Israel's terrorist enemies.

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