Thursday, July 28, 2011

Binocular Snapshot for 7/28/2011

LastDayWatchers take notice in your viewfinder of the failures of Israel (lost & found) as they continue to mount up as

At Least 15 Killed in Iraq Bombings

"Iraqi officials say at least 15 people have been killed by two bomb blasts outside a bank where soldiers and police officers had gathered to collect their paychecks."

"Another 31 people were injured in the blasts in Tikrit, officials said, ahead of the holy Muslim fasting period"

"A car bomb exploded outside the Al-Rafidain Bank in the centre of Tikrit, and one minute later a suicide bomber exploded his vest as people gathered," said Dr Raad al-Juburi, head of the health department in Salaheddin province"

A team of insurgent suicide bombers and gunmen struck a provincial capital Thursday, killing as many as 21 people in an audacious attack that underscored deteriorating security conditions across Afghanistan's restive south

"Women and children accounted for about half the dead, Afghan officials said. The toll also included at least three policemen and an Afghan journalist. About three dozen people were reported injured.

The bombings in Tarin Kot, all apparently aimed at government installations, were followed by fierce gun battles that continued for hours, causing residents to flee in panic.

Thursday afternoon marks the end of the Afghan workweek, and the town center was crowded with people when the assailants struck about 1 p.m."

The second explosion was in the city, and the third explosion was in the compound of Matiullah Khan, a powerful figure in southern Afghanistan who provided protection for NATO convoys that supply the NATO base in the capital.

You should also take notice of their propaganda because Manasseh can't help lying through their teeth

Mr. Crocker, dealing with the first of what's likely to be many crises on his watch, borrowed a page from the Iraq war public communications book (where Crocker served as ambassador from 2007-2009): The murders, he said, could in fact be a sign of the enemy's weakness.

The US has spent billions of dollars in the past few years trying to remove the Taliban from Kandahar and neighboring provinces, and Crocker suggested yesterday that the killings might be because the Taliban "have been damaged to the point that they are resorting to terrorist attacks... Clearly these are horrific attacks but they can also be interpreted as a sign of organizational weakness on the part of the adversary," he said.

But as if in response to Crocker, the Taliban carried out a far more operationally complex assault today in Uruzgan."

While the plundering adds up as well

"Whether it's the Republican call for spending cuts with no increase in taxes, or President Obama's desire for a mix of cuts and new revenues. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D) of Nevada wants the lion's share of savings to come from ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Senator Tom Coburn, an Oklahoma Republican, is calling for sharp cuts in the routine defense budget as well. 

Given the political mood in the US and the focus on debt, the era of free-spending on foreign wars, which have been mostly funded "off-budget" for a decade, is well and truly over

And it's happening at a time when the stated objective of bringing good government to Afghanistan is far from achieved and parts of Afghanistan, particularly the south, are looking very shaky, indeed."

Cost of Treating Veterans Will Rise Long Past Wars

"Though the withdrawal of American military forces from Iraq and Afghanistan will save the nation billions of dollars a year, another cost of war is projected to continue rising for decades to come: caring for the veterans.

By one measure, the cost of health care and disability compensation for veterans from those conflicts and all previous American wars ranks among the largest for the federal government — less than the military, Social Security and health care programs including Medicare, but nearly the same as paying interest on the national debt, the Treasury Department says.

Studies show that the peak years for government health care and disability compensation costs for veterans from past wars came 30 to 40 years after those wars ended. For Vietnam, that peak has not been reached.

Ending the current wars will not lower those veterans costs; indeed, they will rise ever more steeply for decades to come as the population of veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan expands, ages and becomes more infirm. To date, more than 2.2 million troops have served in those wars."

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