Friday, July 22, 2011

Binocular Snapshot for 7/22/2011

LastDayWatchers watch how the the failures continue to add up as

Separate bomb and gun attacks on Friday killed five Iraqi policemen and wounded 17 other

"In Baghdad and Baquba, north of the capital, security officials said, in Baghdad's western Mansur district, a roadside bomb killed two policemen, including a captain, an interior ministry official said. Eight people were also wounded, among them four policemen, he said.

"The explosion happened when the police went to check on an earlier explosion outside a liquor shop which had inflicted no casualties," the official said.

Liquor stores are frequent targets of insurgents, attacked because they are usually owned by Christians, and because drinking alcohol is forbidden by Islam."

Oslo comes under what seems as coordinated attack: Massive explosion tears through Norwegian capital's

"The Norwegian capital has fallen prey to what seems as a coordinated terror attack Friday: A blast tore through Oslo's government plaza and shortly afterwards, a gunman opened fire on a youth camp just outside the city.

Initial reports said at least 15 people were injured in the massive explosion, which according to eyewitnesses damaged buildings in a radius spanning several hundred yards

One eyewitness said he saw the blast shatter almost all windows of a 17-storey highrise. Another eyewitness described the scene as "total chaos."

"A "prominent jihadist" claimed today's attack on an al Qaeda-linked forum, and said it was carried out to punish Norway for deploying troops to Afghanistan."

Al Qaeda-linked terrorists quickly claimed responsibility for today's attack. Abu Suleiman al Nasser, who is described by the SITE Intelligence Group as a "prominent jihadist," claimed the attack and linked it to Norway's deployment of forces in Afghanistan. Nasser also said today's attack was related to the December 2010 suicide attack in Stockholm, Sweden, that killed one person.

"Norway was targeted today to be a lesson and an example to the other countries of Europe,"

Nasser said in a statement released on the al Qaeda-linked Shumukh al Islam forum, according to a translation provided by SITE.

"Since the Stockholm invasion we had threatened more operations and we demanded that the countries of Europe withdraw their armies from the land of Afghanistan and stop their war on Islam and Muslims. We repeat our warning anew to the countries of Europe, and we say to them: carry out the demands of the mujahideen, because what you are seeing is merely the beginning, and what is coming is more."

Another jihadist, who is known as Amir Grozny, said today's attack was in retaliation for Norway's deployment of troops to Afghanistan.

"You have moments to get your soldiers out of the tomb of Khorasan, else you will see blood flow in the streets,"

The May 15th Prophecy continues to revels with 100% accuracy what will happen next according to God's Word written at LastDayWatchers


2.59am Sky News reports the gunman is still firing indiscriminately, preventing emergency services from getting on the island.

Fresh ethnic and political violence has killed at least 11 people and wounded several others in the southern Pakistani port city of Karachi