Monday, June 13, 2011

Binocular Snapshot for 6/13/2011

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Suicide bomber kills 5 people in southern Iraq

"A suicide bomber rammed his explosive-laden vehicle into a police building in the southern Iraqi city of Basra on Monday, killing five people, officials said.

Three policemen and two civilians were killed and 23 people were injured in the attack, which occurred during the morning rush hour.

The blast leveled the wall around the police compound, which houses the rapid reaction unit and general inspector's office, blowing out the windows and destroying several vehicles parked in front."

At least two US-led soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan as US-led foreign forces experience their deadliest days in the war-ravaged country

"According to a NATO statement, one of the soldiers was killed in the country's south, Another soldier was killed by a homemade bomb in the same troubled region.

The latest deaths bring to 241 the number of US-led troops killed in Afghanistan so far this year, at least 2,522 foreign forces have lost their lives in Afghanistan since the 2001 US-led invasion."

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"Residents of Christchurch, already seriously frazzled by two major earthquakes and 6,000 aftershocks since last September"

Awoke to the news that the region’s GNS Science had set the chances of another quake in the next year at 1 in 4. Specifically, the organization had put the likelihood of a magnitude-6.0 or -7.0 earthquake over the next 12 months at 23 percent, with a 90 chance of a shake between 5.0 and 6.0.

Early today, however, those probabilities were shown to be significantly higher, with both categories of tremors striking within a 90-minute period: first a nasty magnitude-5.5 jolt, with a genuinely unpleasant 6.0 encore at 2:20 p.m.

Their combined seismic weight took down at least another 50 buildings in the immediate city and caused much liquefaction to bubble up again on the eastern side of what used to be known as New Zealand’s Garden City."

Warning: extreme weather ahead

"Tornados, wildfires, droughts and floods were once seen as freak conditions. But the environmental disasters now striking the world are shocking signs of 'global weirding'

It's western Europe's turn for a mega-heatwave, with 16 countries, including France, Switzerland and Germany (and Britain on the periphery), experiencing extreme dryness.

The blame is being out on El Niño and La Niña, naturally occurring but poorly understood events that follow heating and cooling of the Pacific ocean near the equator, bringing floods and drought

But for real extremes in 2011, look to Australia, China and the southern US these past few months. In Queeensland, Australia, an area the size of Germany and France was flooded in December and January in what was called the country's "worst natural disaster"

It cost the economy up to A$30bn (£19.5bn), devastated livelihoods and is still being cleaned up.

In China, a "once-in-a-100-years" drought in southern and central regions has this year dried up hundreds of reservoirs, rivers and water courses, evaporating drinking supplies and stirring up political tensions.  

The government responded with a massive rain-making operation, firing thousands of rockets to "seed" clouds with silver iodide and other chemicals. It may have worked: for whatever reason, the heavens opened last week, a record 30cm of rain fell in some places in 24 hours, floods and mudslides killed 94 people, and tens of thousands of people have lost their homes.

Meanwhile, north America's most deadly and destructive tornado season ever saw 600 "twisters" in April alone, and 138 people killed in Joplin, Missouri, by a mile-wide whirlwind

Arizonans were this week fighting some of the largest wildfires they have known, and the greatest flood in recorded US history is occurring along sections of the Missouri river. 

This is all taking place during a deepening drought in Texas and other southern states – the eighth year of "exceptional" drought there in the past 12 years.

"I don't know how much more we can take," says John Butcher, a peanut and cotton farmer near Lubbock, Texas. "It's dry like we have never seen it before. I don't remember anything like this. We may lose everything."

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Mikati forms 30-member Lebanon Cabinet