Thursday, June 23, 2011

Binocular Snapshot for 6/23/2011

LastDayWatchers watch how the lukewarm gullible sleepwalkers believe

“The tide of war is receding.”

President Barack Obama announced Wednesday night he was pulling home 33,000 troops from Afghanistan by next summer,

withdrawing the “surge” of forces he had sent to rescue a flailing effort.

Obama, beginning to wind down a long and devastating war, said to a country eager for an exit."

"The plan is unlikely to sit well with the Pentagon’s top brass who worry insurgents could regain lost territory and that fighting along Afghanistan’s eastern border with Pakistan will intensify."

Jeffrey Dressler, a military analyst at the Institute for the Study of War in Washington, said the Pentagon would have favored a much smaller initial withdrawal.

“But the fact is that the conditions on the ground don’t merit any sort of withdrawal — it’s not time to be pulling out a substantive amount of troops,” he said. “There’s a lot that has to be done in the east and you’re not out of the woods in the south yet.”

The lies of the so-called "success of the surge", however the results to the truth will continues to manifest themselves

21 people have been killed after three bombs exploded in a Shiite neighborhood in southwestern Baghdad.

"Two police officials said the bombs targeted a Shiite mosque as well as a market Thursday evening.

The officials said that 42 people were also injured in the blasts.

Sunni extremists such as al-Qaeda in Iraq generally tend to target Shiite mosques and neighborhoods."

A U.S civilian contractor was killed and another American wounded

"The slain American had been leaving Baghdad University's Mustansiriya campus when attackers detonated a powerful bomb, known as an explosively formed penetrator (EFP).

The bombs are commonly used by Shiite militias against the U.S. military.

Initial reports had incorrectly stated that the convoy had been attacked by a car bomb as it approached the campus.

The team had been warned about the danger in the area around the university, which is near Sadr City, the Shiite slum home to several anti-American militant groups.

While the USAID contractors were on the campus, their security team had received warnings that there was suspicious activity in the area.

The bodyguards decided that the Americans should leave but it was apparently too late.

As the team drove away, the bomb exploded by the civilian contractor's side of the car, killing him.

At least nine U.S. soldiers have been killed in attacks this month, according to the independent website"

And so will the contractions to the "birth pains", as you view the ways of God

Magnitude-6.7 quake rattles northern Japan

"An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.7 struck off the Pacific Coast of northern Japan early Thursday, Japanese and U.S. seismologists reported

The epicenter was off the northern prefecture of Iwate, about 175 kilometers (109 miles) north of where the magnitude-9 quake that devastated northern Japan struck in March."

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