Thursday, June 9, 2011

Binocular Snapshot for 6/09/2011

LastDayWatchers keep your LOUPE focus on God curse to the Bush/Obama Administrations as

"At least 236 foreign troops have so far been reported killed in the war-ravaged Afghanistan this year"

"An ISAF service member died following an improvised explosive device (IED) attack in southern Afghanistan today," said a brief Thursday statement by the military contingent, quoted by Xinhua news agency.

Roadside bombs and IEDs are by far the most lethal weapons used by Taliban militants against foreign troops, government forces as well as civilians in Afghanistan.

Last year, nonetheless, remains the deadliest year for foreign military casualties with a death toll of 711. The number eclipsed the previous record of 521, set in 2009. "

9 shot dead in attack on Afghan party

"The attack on a pre-wedding gathering in eastern Afghanistan apparently fits a Taliban pattern of striking at local officials in a bid to discourage cooperation with the West.

The campaign of killings is meant to discourage anyone from cooperating with the central government or the Western military.

The United States and its NATO allies consider good governance, from the local level on up, to be an essential element of their counterinsurgency strategy.

But the methodical strikes against officialdom make it extremely difficult to attract qualified people willing to undertake the risk that public service entails."

The "plundering" will continues to fulfill God' Word in Deuteronomy 28:29 "And you shall not prosper in your ways; and you shall be only oppressed and robbed continually, and there shall be no one to save you." the May 15th Prophecy proclaimed.

A congressional report released Wednesday on the $18.8 billion that Congress appropriated for Afghan development says the aid often funds fruitless projects.

"Billions of dollars came to Afghanistan and except for some highways in the country and some other infrastructure projects we don’t see any other benefits from that aid."

The report released Wednesday by US Congress goes so far as to say that Afghanistan may face an economic meltdown when international forces leave in 2014 if the US continues its current aid policy."

As the gates of Islam continue to open

"Struggle for the regime’s future has shifted attention from Yemen’s preexisting chaos."

Sectarian insurgents and secessionists rebelled against poor governance for years, and Saleh responded relentlessly until forced to deal with unrest in Sanaa, for years al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has been exploiting this turmoil to insinuate itself into numerous tribes and thus develop a base of operations. 

Because all these groups want to weaken Yemen, not take it over, chaos at the heart of the regime serves their purposes by deepening security vacuums along the periphery. 

This is already being exploited: insurgents in the north have expanded into neighboring governorates, while AQAP-affiliated militants have overrun key cities and outposts in the south."

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