Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Binocular Snapshot for 6/01/2011

LastDayWatchers you will continue to see more results to the so-called  "winning the hearts & minds" as

A large group of Taliban fighters crossed over from Afghanistan and attacked a police station in a remote area of Pakistan today, 7 Seven policemen have been reported killed during the fighting

"A Taliban force estimated at more than 200 fighters who were described as "very well armed with light and heavy weapons" attacked a police station in the village of Shaldalo in Upper Dir in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province, sparking a clash that lasted several hours.

The Taliban launched a similar attack on April 22, when more than 400 fighters from Kunar mounted an assault on a police checkpoint in Kharakhai in the district of Lower Dir. The Taliban overran the outpost, killing 16 Pakistani security personnel, five of whom were beheaded.

Two major Taliban groups operate in the region, one commanded by Qari Zai Rahman, and another by Mullah Fazlullah."

"The attack is to take revenge for Osama bin Laden," said Jawahir Ali, a junior police official in Barawal,

referring to the American raid last month in which the leader of Al Qaeda was killed.

"The militants held a meeting across the border in Afghanistan and vowed to take revenge from Pakistani government officials,”

Mr. Ali said."

A militant attack has killed a US-led soldier in eastern Afghanistan as foreign forces face a climbing number of deadly attacks in the war-ravaged country

"The NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) announced in a statement on Wednesday that the soldier was killed on Tuesday.

According to the report, at least 56 foreign troops---mostly Americans--- have been killed in Afghanistan in May.

ISAF did not, however, reveal the nationality of the dead soldier, the Associated Press reported.

The total foreign troop fatalities stand at over 215 so far this year, according to the"

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