Monday, May 30, 2011

Binocular Snapshot for 5/30/2011

LastDayWatchers bring into "focus" inside your LOUPE the results to the so-called "winning hearts & minds" as

Afghanistan insurgents hit NATO base, downtown Herat in coordinated attacks

"A car bomb injures several Italian soldiers at the NATO base as four are killed in another blast at a busy city intersection.

These days, the parts of Afghanistan that are considered relatively safe may well have a bull's-eye painted on them.

Insurgents staged deadly coordinated strikes Monday in the western city of Herat, where an explosion killed at least four people in a bustling downtown area and a car bomb detonated at the gates of a NATO base,

Coinciding with the attacks in Herat, three members of the NATO force were killed Monday in other parts of the country, according to military statements.

Two died in a roadside bombing in the east, and one in a helicopter's "hard landing" -- essentially a controlled crash -- in the south

It marked the second time in five days a Western service member was killed in a chopper crash.

Many of the insurgent strikes have targeted heavily guarded Afghan government and security installations.

Violence has been steadily rising across Afghanistan in the month since the Taliban movement declared the start of its spring offensive.

Monday's late-morning car-bomb blast outside the Italian-run base on Herat's outskirts triggered a sustained shootout in which 11 Afghan soldiers were injured."

"Also on Monday, an Afghan soldier got in an argument with a coalition soldier from Australia and turned his weapon on him, killing him."

according to the local Afghan commander, General Hamid, who like many Afghans uses one name. General Hamid said the Afghan soldier fled and was being sought.

The incident took place in southern Uruzgan Province. A Taliban spokesman claimed the attacker was an insurgent disguised as a soldier.

“If we don’t attack the Italian P.R.T., who else will? Of course we did it.”

"The shooting took place a day after NATO apologized for an airstrike that killed nine civilians in southern Afghanistan."

God curse of the Bush/Obama Administrations will only intensify

9 dead in 2 days of violence across Iraq

"Violence across Iraq has claimed nine lives in the past two days, officials with the nation's interior ministry said Monday.

Gunmen killed Arkan Yaqoub, a Christian citizen, who was shot dead along with his driver by gunmen as they were driving in central Mosul on Monday morning.

Yaqoub was the deputy director of the state cement factory in Mosul.

There have been at least 20 such bombings at liquor stores across Baghdad since the beginning of March, when the Iraqi government decided to reopen liquor stores and bars in the capital city."

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Stuxnet attack forced Britain to rethink the cyber war