Monday, May 23, 2011

Binocular Snapshot for 5/23/2011

LastDayWatchers remember it was the May 15th Prophecy that told you in the post The Lukewarm, Gullible Sleepwalkers, the Change which is the Same according to Jeremiah

"LastDayWatchers take note what God prophet Jeremiah who was commissioned to "root out, to pull down, to destroy, and to throw down to build and to plant"

(** Note to the wise ** know you this the "planting" was done in Ireland)

Because of the sins of Ephraim (Britain)

"And I will cast you out of My sight, as I have cast out all your brethren, even the whole posterity of Ephraim."
Jeremiah 7:15

Part of that "posterity" is Manasseh (United States) who's sin are so great; God will allow Judah (Israel) to be destroyed

"I will make them an object of horror among all the kingdoms of the earth because of Manasseh"

Obama visits family roots in Ireland

"Beginning a four-nation European tour with a celebration of his Irish roots, Obama came to Ireland as what one man called a "long-lost cousin."

"Hot on the heels of last week's state visit by British Queen Elizabeth, President Obama arrived in Ireland today and Obamamania is already in full swing"

He met this morning with Irish president Mary McAleese about peace in northern Ireland and with Prime Minister Enda Kenny about economic policy"

"The presidential departure was announced by the White House on Monday evening, Dublin time. Just over a year ago, another Icelandic volcano spewing ash."

God will continues to intensify his curse "because of Manasseh" spearheaded by the Pawn of Satan George W Bush and the forward actions of Obama

17 Iraqis, 2 U.S. soldiers killed in wave of bombings

"At least 17 Iraqis and two U.S. soldiers were killed Sunday in a wave of explosions, mostly in Baghdad, including a suicide bombing attack against police, security sources and the U.S. military said.

The bloodshed highlighted the tenuous situation around Baghdad, where assassinations and other attacks still occur almost daily.

It also drew attention to Sunni Arab and Shiite militants' continuing efforts to kill American troops, who are scheduled to leave at the end of the year."

"the latest in a string of attacks in the region"

The violence further raised tensions in Kirkuk, an ethnically mixed province that Kurdish leaders want to incorporate in their northern autonomous region despite opposition from its Arab and Turkmen communities,

In a dispute US officials have long said is one of the biggest threats to Iraq’s stability.

A morning car bomb targeting the convoy of a police commander in Al Rashad, south of Kirkuk city, killed two policemen and wounded 12 other people."

Blast kills four US troops in Afghanistan

"A powerful bomb explosion has killed at least four more US-led troops in Afghanistan as foreign forces continue to experience some of their deadliest days in the country.

The deaths bring to at least 188 the number of NATO forces killed in Afghanistan this year."

Therefore the "paradigm shift" (1 of the 10 horn)

Protests: Has the Revolution Come to Spain?

"Two earthquakes have shaken Spanish political life in the past week.

  • First were the massive sit-ins that had tens of thousands of citizens camping out in the public squares of major cities, in protest of the country's capsized economy and unresponsive political class.

  • The second came last night, when voters in regional and municipal elections delivered a sound drubbing to the governing Socialist Party (PSOE).

Now, in Monday's harsh light, no one seems sure whether the first phenomenon had anything to do with the second. And everyone is wondering what both mean for the future of Spain.

The protests, whose success has taken even organizers by surprise, have transformed the public squares of Madrid, Barcelona, and other cities"

The economic curse

World stock markets hit by eurozone divisions

"FTSE 100 closes down 1.9% with Dow Jones off 1% as policymakers row over the Greek debt crisis and new fears emerge over global economic growth

Meanwhile, the defeat of the Spanish socialist party in local and regional elections ut in question Madrid's austerity programme. Spain's 10-year borrowing costs increased to 5.6% – the highest rate since January.

Economists across the political spectrum said the new regional government in Spain could unearth previously undisclosed debts and push the country into a Greek-style crisis."

"Financial markets piled pressure on heavily indebted euro zone countries on Monday as investors worried about heightened risks in Spain and Greece"

And the Contractions

"The loss of life is incredible," said Joplin Mayor Mike Woolston. "We're still trying to find people. The outlook is pretty bleak."

Damming "all those who believe not the truth" with 100% accuracy inside the May 15th Prophecy written at LastDayWatchers


Taliban denies report that Mullah Omar is dead

Al Qaeda's Saif al-Adal masterminded Pakistani base assault

Details Emerge of Deadly Raid on Pakistani Base