Monday, May 16, 2011

Binocular Snapshot for 5/16/2011

LastDayWatchers take notice of the "paradigm shift"

Israel got its first real taste of the Arab spring Sunday

"As tens of thousands of Palestinians and their supporters amassed on its borders to protest its creation 63 years ago

The unprecedented protests, fueled by both a spirit of uprising and a moribund peace process, have reignited Arab-Israeli tensions over Israel's sovereignty.

Even as Palestinians are pressing for international recognition of their own sovereignty at the UN this fall."

"This annual demonstration now came as an open rebuke to the common Western theme that the Egyptian revolution did not care about the Palestinian issue."

This was never the case. 

 Western analysts had made much -- too much -- of the fact that during the uprising in January and February earlier this year there had been little focus on Israel in the protests.

The Nakba demonstration demonstrates the Egyptian public's very real and continuing sympathy with the Palestinian cause -- one, which 

This weekend's violence across Israel's borders shows, remains a burning issue able to mobilize Arab protestors."

Public opinion at large is certainly not friendly to Israel."

"America and Israel are no longer driving history in the Middle East; for the first time in a long time, Arabs are"

In Tahrir Square, Egypt’s young made a revolution. President Obama bowed to reality and helped show Hosni Mubarak the door; Benjamin Netanyahu stood athwart history, impotently yelling stop.

Now Egypt’s leaders are doing its people’s will, bringing Hamas and Fatah together in preparation for elections. Hamas and Fatah are complying because they fear their own Tahrir Square.

They sense that in Palestine too, a populist uprising stirs; that’s part of what yesterday’s marches were about, for American and Israeli leaders accustomed to Palestinian autocrats and Palestinian terrorists, this is something new. Netanyahu and his American backers are demanding that Obama rewind the clock, but he can’t.

The Palestinians no longer listen to functionaries like George Mitchell. They have lost faith in American promises, and they no longer fear American threats. Instead, they are putting aside their internal divisions and creating facts on the ground.

When Israelis look at Salam Fayyad, who Mahmoud Abbas reportedly wants to be prime minister of the united Palestinian government, they see a man with all the qualities old-fashioned Zionists revere. He does not bluster; he builds his state.

He knows that if Netanyahu continues to entrench the occupation and Palestinian leaders keep nonviolently demanding a state near the Green Line, it won’t ultimately matter what Obama does.

Other powers will begin taking matters into their own hands, and their strategies for achieving a two-state solution will have none of the tenderness of Dennis Ross.

The more America sticks by Netanyahu, the less relevant America will become."

How God curse of the Bush/Obama Administrations is manifested

A spate of attacks in Iraq on Monday killed six people including a Christian whose body was mutilated

"while two Norwegians hurt in a Baghdad bomb blast were among at least 16 injured, officials said.

The Christian construction worker's mutilated corpse was found in the ethnically mixed northern oil hub of Kirkuk after he was kidnapped at the weekend. A young boy was also among the dead.

An Iraqi guard was killed in the morning explosion in the eastern neighbourhood of Baghdad Jadidah that wounded the Norwegians, who were working as consultants for the water resources ministry."

Four US-led troops killed in Afghan war

"A powerful bomb explosion has killed at least four US-led soldiers and wounded several others in the troubled southern Afghanistan, NATO says.

The US-led military alliance says the soldiers were killed following an improvised explosive device attack in the violent region on Monday.

NATO has not revealed the nationalities of the soldiers nor has it released the exact location of the incidents. However, most of the foreign troops based in southern Afghanistan are British or American.

The deaths bring to at least 176 the number of NATO forces killed in Afghanistan so far this year."

As the May 15th Prophecy have recorded with 100% accuracy written at LastDayWatchers .