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Binocular Snapshot for 4/12/2011

LastDayWatchers while you focus lens on God curse of the Bush/Obama Administrations which expose the failures as

Two US soldiers killed in friendly-fire drone attack in Afghanistan

"The two had been on foot and were approaching Helmand province's Sangin base, centre of some of the fiercest fighting in Afghanistan over the last decade. They were mistaken for the Taliban by marines, who were under fire at the time and who called in a missile strike from a Predator drone, NBC said.

The marines under fire had been watching pictures of the battlefield being fed to them by the Predator. NBC said they saw a number of 'hotspots' – infra-red images – moving towards them and assumed, wrongly, they were the Taliban.

The hotspots had, in fact, been Smith and Rast, part of a unit sent to reinforce those under fire."

Iraq bombs kill eight, wound 12

"Eight people were killed in bomb attacks around Iraq on Tuesday, security and hospital sources said.

Three of the dead were policemen, while 12 people, including six police, were wounded in the attacks.

Two of the police victims were killed by an improvised bomb that targetted their patrol overnight south of Baghdad. The third was killed in the town of Fallujah west of Baghdad by a "sticky" bomb that attaches to cars.

Sticky bombs in different regions outside Baghdad killed the leader of an anti-Al-Qaeda militia and wounded three other people.

Two civilian contractors for the Iraqi army, both male cousins, were killed when their home west of Baghdad was targetted by dynamite."

US-Pakistan relations facing biggest crisis since 9/11, officials say

"Official warned that the new US military offensive in Afghanistan masterminded by General David Petraeus, and the accompanying rise in casualties, were making it more difficult to achieve a peace settlement.

"The whole idea that a big military surge would induce the other side to ask for reconciliation is flawed. It goes against the whole history of Afghanistan."

The senior security official said Pakistan could only help the Americans in Afghanistan if it knew what their strategy was"

"The United States does not officially acknowledge the CIA's secret drone program that targets al Qaeda militants"

But it is the only country operating in the region with the capability to carry out such strikes.

Those strikes have inflamed tensions between the two countries, especially after attacks in which civilians are killed. A drone strike March 17 hit a jirga meeting in North Waziristan, one of the seven districts of Pakistan's volatile tribal region bordering Afghanistan, killing 44 people -- mostly civilians"

You, also take note of what the May 15th Prophecy pointed out to you regarding the "economic Jihad" which will expose the lie of the so-called "isolation" of Iran

Iran turns to Asia to counter Western sanctions

"Iran has greatly expanded its trade during the year up to March, turning to Asia to circumvent Western economic sanctions, according to data reported by Donya-E-Eqtesad newspaper on Monday

Tehran has increased its non-oil exports to Asia by almost 20 percent, which now represents 83 percent of its sales, while Europe, whose purchases have fallen by almost a quarter, only accounted for 13 percent, according to Customs figures.

The increase in Iran's trade comes despite tightened United States and European Union sanctions imposed since the summer of 2010 against the Islamic republic, especially targetting its oil sector, due to its disputed nuclear programme.

But Iran has also increased its petrochemical production and exports of petroleum products, which accounted for 8.6 billion dollars compared to 6.5 billion the previous year, showing an increase of 30 percent, according to figures released by the oil ministry."

That you may see the patterns and know the ways of God

Japan radiation fears grip town on edge of destruction

"The past month this sprawling town in Fukushima prefecture has been confronted by a second, more insidious threat: radiation.

Even before that advice was issued, the majority of Minamisoma's 71,000 people had voted with their feet. The first hydrogen explosion at the plant prompted an exodus that saw the population plummet to just 10,000.

Petrified residents barely had time to mourn the 1,470 local people listed as dead or missing before abandoning their homes.

Shops and restaurants closed, suppliers refused to enter the town, and for a few chaotic days the only vehicles on the streets were self-defence force trucks and dozens of buses

Minamisoma's plight drew worldwide attention last week after its mayor, Katsunobu Sakurai, pleaded for help in an 11-minute YouTube video with English subtitles.

"We are left isolated," said a clearly exhausted Sakurai, dressed in his familiar crisis uniform. "I beg you, as the mayor of Minamisoma, to help us."

The town's commercial infrastructure, he said, lies in tatters. "The only places open are local banks and credit unions," he said in an interview with the Mainichi Daily News. "The supermarkets are still not running. There are no daily supplies that people living here desperately need.

"If the city doesn't maintain its essential services, evacuated residents won't know which way to turn. The government must do all it can to address the nuclear accident and give us an idea of when it will be resolved."

But as Japan's prime minister Naoto Kan has acknowledged, it is a question to which no one knows the answer.

"As long as the power plant is in trouble, this town might as well be dead. You walk to the station and everything is shuttered. At night the streets are dark and empty. This used to be a fun, lively place to live. But not any more."

"People here are already traumatised by memories of the tsunami and the struggle to survive the nuclear crisis,"

"Chernobyl is the only other event to have been given a 7, an accident classified as having a major radioactive release with widespread impact on the environment and public health"

Tuesday's announcement comes on the back of a minor fire spotted by workers outside Fukushima's Reactor 4 on Tuesday morning, shortly after the second of three major aftershocks hit the beleaguered northeast in a span of 24 hours. Three people in Iwaki died in landslides triggered by the 7.1-magnitude aftershock on Monday night.

Meanwhile, Greenpeace said that in a survey conducted in Fukushima last week, its team of experts found radiation levels 75 times higher than the government recommendation

in 11 samples of vegetables from gardens and small farms. The environmental group also announced that it found radiation levels equivalent to an

annual exposure of 5 millisieverts — the evacuation threshold for Chernobyl — at a playground in Fukushima City, pop. 300,000. Greenpeace is urging the government to delay the start of the school year."

So that you may see what happen next with 100% accuracy; according to The Word of God Patience; reveled unto you by the May 15th Prophecy written at LastDayWatchers

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This is now the state of America because of the sins of the lukewarm, gullible sleepwalking society which shallow the crap of the pawn of Satan George W Bush and Obama just as the May 15th Prophecy have proclaimed with 100% accuracy


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