Saturday, February 26, 2011

Binocular Snapshot for 2/26/2011

LastDayWatchers take note this

"The Americans try hard to not be the target of these huge popular uprisings, but will fail because people have realized that the policies of Americans and their cronies are the causes of humiliation and division among nations. As a result, the key to resolving people's problems rests on ending America's arrangement in the region."

That a qoute from Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei inside this ***** 5 star analysis in the Recommended Reading,  concerning the true status of Iran vs Israel (lost & found) positions

"Israel can no longer guarantee that Egypt will remain an ally against Iran. A more accurate interpretation might be that Israel fears Egypt becoming Iran's ally against Israel

thus denoting a change in the balance of forces to the detriment of the conservative bloc spurred by the United States and Israel to isolate Iran.

This recognition of the changing political tides favoring Iran, America's bete noir in the Middle East, can already be seen in Saudi Arabia's unprecedented decision to allow a port visit by Iran's warships that traversed the Red Sea and the Suez en route to the Syrian port city of Latika.

However, the olive branch to Iran might also have been motivated by Riyadh's fear of an uprising by its own discontented Shi'ites (about 2 million out of a population of 26 million).

The US may now need to revise its coercive approach toward Iran over its nuclear program and refrain from further sanctions and the hitherto futile politics of isolating Iran, in order to get Tehran's confidence that cooperation on shared or parallel interests, such as containing the triple threats of the Taliban, Wahhabi extremism and drug trafficking, is feasible, not to mention regional stability.

In terms of the nuclear standoff, a prudent US move would be to consent to a nuclear fuel swap for Tehran's medical reactor, and to throw its weight behind the current United Nations-led efforts in the realm of a Middle East nuclear weapons free zone.

However, it is unlikely that Washington will ever recognize Tehran's prominent place in overall Middle Eastern affairs. Instead, as reflected by Mullen, the US continues to guide its policy through an Iran-phobic lens

"Israel's expansionist policies have harmed the US's interests and without doubt contributed to the unpopularity of America's shah, Hosni Mubarak," 

says a Tehran University political scientist who specializes in Iran's foreign affairs, adding,

"Israeli politicians are naturally blindsighted to this point, but should the Americans?"

"Watch" how God continue to curse the Bush/Obama Administrations with the curse of "Gilgal"; all to the benifit of the little horn leading to this truth

"West shows in the most granular, detailed way how and why America’s counterinsurgency in Afghanistan is failing"

And, in the places where the effort is showing promise, he demonstrates why we don’t have the resources to duplicate that success on a wider scale. Mind you,

West is no antiwar lefty: he’s a former infantry officer who fought in Vietnam. An assistant secretary of defense in the Reagan administration, he admires — nay, adores — America’s fighting men and women, and he wants the United States to succeed. But the facts on the ground, it appears, lead him to darker truths."

The central premise of counterinsurgency doctrine holds that if the Americans sacrifice on behalf of the Afghan government, then the Afghan people will risk their lives for that same government in return. They will fight the Taliban, finger the informants hiding among them and transform themselves into authentic leaders who spurn death and temptation.

This isn’t happening. What we have created instead, West shows, is a vast culture of dependency: Americans are fighting and dying, while the Afghans by and large stand by and do nothing to help them. Afghanistan’s leaders, from the presidential palace in Kabul to the river valleys in the Pashtun heartland, are enriching themselves, often criminally, on America’s largesse."

Thus saith the Lord "you shall be plunder continually"

"West’s book is coming out just as the American military, fortified by the extra troops, is claiming to be making significant progress in routing the Taliban from their strongholds in the south. This may be true, but remember who is doing most of the hard work: the Americans, not the Afghans themselves. It’s still an American war"

The townspeople in A-Bad who profited from American protection and projects would believe the worst of O’Donnell’s soldiers — whom they knew personally — suggested that the Americans were tolerated but not supported"

Roadside bomb kills nine in Afghanistan

"A roadside bomb killed nine civilians including women and children when it struck the vehicle they were travelling in eastern Afghanistan

Three rockets were fired into the heart of Kabul on Saturday morning, with one landing close to the presidential palace, interior ministry spokesman Zemarai Bashary said."

Providing more evidence and exposing the LIE of the so-call "success of the surge"

Attack shuts down Iraq's biggest oil refinery

Gunmen shot their way into Iraq's largest oil refinery early Saturday, setting off explosions that forced the facility to shut down for at least two weeks, officials said."

"The combined effects of years of UN sanctions against the regime of now executed dictator Saddam Hussein, and the US-led invasion of 2003 and its violent aftermath have meant that they are in serious need of refurbishment"

LastDayWatchers as you "watch" the dimensions of the paradigm shift, you will continually find coming into focus inside your LOUPE; conformational readings of the trade-winds blowing in favor of Iran/Iraq just as the May 15th Prophecy have proclaimed with 100% accuracy

Bahrain Shia leader home from exile

"The prominent leader of the Shia Haq movement had said on his Facebook page on Monday that he would be trying to return to the Gulf Arab country after a week of unprecedented protests by majority Shia Muslims against the Sunni monarchy.

Hassan Mushaimaa, a Bahraini Shia opposition leader who was being tried in absentia in an alleged coup plot, has arrived home from exile after receiving a royal pardon."

Mushaimaa's Haq party is more radical than the Shia Wefaq party, from which it split in 2006, when Wefaq contested a parliamentary election."

Pressure on Ali Abdullah Saleh, Yemen's president, to resign has increased after the leaders of two of the country's most important tribes abandoned the president and joined the anti-government movement

Tribal leaders, including those of the Hashid and Baqil, pledged on Saturday to join protests against Saleh at a gathering north of Sanaa, the capital.

"If he Saleh loses Hashid, that will further erode the public support that he has enjoyed over the last three decades, "Many of the members of this tribe are represented in the intelligence agencies, government, military and also embassies all over the world."

Yemen has been swept up in protests inspired by the recent uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia. The demonstrators are demanding that Saleh, in power for 32 years, step down.

Twenty-four people have died in the past nine days in a sustained wave of nationwide anti-Saleh protests. The embattled president has said he will not give in to "anarchy and killing".

Saleh, a US ally against a Yemen-based al-Qaeda wing that has launched attacks at home and abroad, is struggling to end the protests flaring across his impoverished country."

Russia vows to sell missiles to Syria

"Russia announced Saturday that it intended to fulfil its contract to supply Syria with cruise missiles despite the turmoil shaking the region and the furious condemnation of the deal by Israel.

The revelation infuriated both Israel and the United States

Israel — which is still technically in a state of war with Syria and fears its close ties with Iran — suspects that the shipment is ultimately aimed at supplying Hezbollah militants in neighbouring Lebanon.

The disputed sale is believed to be worth at least $300 million and is meant to see Syria receive 72 cruise missiles in all."

See what will happen next according to God's Word with 100% accuracy inside the May 15th Prophecy written at LastDayWatchers