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Binocular Snapshot for 2/20/2011

LastDayWatchers while you are viewing the results from God curse of the Bush/Obama Administrations as

65 civilians killed in U.S. military operation

"The governor of Kunar province, Fazlullah Wahidi, said that NATO forces launched the operation four days ago in the Ghaziabad district, a desolate area near the province's northern border with Pakistan, where a lethal mix of insurgent groups operate.

military operation in the remote mountains of northeastern Afghanistan killed 65 innocent people, including 22 women and more than 30 children

"According to locals in the area, American helicopters have been constantly bombing the village and have caused tremendous civilian casualties"

"The governor of Kunar, Sayed Fazlullah Wahidi, said district officials, in consultation with tribal elders in the district of Ghaziabad, had determined that of 64 people were killed in fighting on Friday, only 13 were insurgents. He said the remainder were civilians, including at least 22 women, together with a number of young boys and old men"

The Western military said an assessment team had been dispatched to the area to look into the claims

Meanwhile, authorities on Sunday put the death toll in an insurgent attack on a bank branch in the eastern city of Jalalabad at 40

more than double the estimate provided Saturday, the day of the assault. About half of those killed were civilians; the remainder were members of the Afghan security forces who had come to collect their pay

"Mea Hasan Adil, head of the provincial council, said that government control extended no further than the main town of Ghazi Abad district"

According to a United Nations report last year, 2,412 civilians were killed and 3,803 injured in the conflict in Afghanistan during the first 10 months of 2010

"The rest of the district is under the Taliban. People there favor the Taliban more than the government," 

The growth of the little horn will continue to expand, as will it's influence as well

"Iran wants to say to the world, to the U.S., Israel and other countries in the Mideast that it has reach not only in areas close to it but also farther away, including in the Mediterranean"

A senior Iranian naval commander told an Iranian news agency already several days before the Jan. 25 start of the revolt in Egypt that Iran planned to dispatch warships to the Mediterranean, via the Suez Canal.

Iran is also signaling to Israel that it is prepared to protect its allies Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon on Israel's northern and southern flanks.

The commander said candidly at the time that the mission was to gather intelligence on the region and train Navy cadets to protect Iranian cargo ships and oil tankers against attacks by Somali pirates.

But Iran appears to have more far-reaching objectives, including asserting itself as a regional power

and testing whether Egypt's new rulers will stick to Mubarak's pro-Western line, analysts said.

"How can a government which possesses more than 5,000 fifth-generation nuclear bombs be afraid of this false claim that Iran may build one first generation bomb within the next few years?"

Ahmadinejad said Saturday during a conference on advanced technology held on the island of Kish in south Iran.

"Our enemies do not fear weapons, missiles or bombs,"

the president said.

"The enemies fear the resurgence of the Iranian spirit and identity,"

he said.

"The enemies have “seen through experience that, whenever Iranians have had an opportunity they present ideas and develop capabilities which are (just as good as) those developed in the West."

During the conference in Kish, the wife of assassinated Iranian nuclear scientist Masoud Ali Mohammadi presented Ahmadinejad with her husband's personal pen. "I present this pen, which my husband carried around at all times, to Ahmadinejad so that he may continue in the path of the shahid (martyr) Ali Mohammadi," she said.

"Israel views this Iranian step gravely"

said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

"We can see what an unstable region we live in when Iran tries to take advantage of the situation and increase its influence by sending two warships through the Suez Canal,"

An Israeli official who spoke on condition of anonymity said Mr. Netanyahu's expression of concern had to be seen in the context of expanding Iranian influence around Israel.

"In the north you've got Lebanon turning into an Iranian satellite through its proxy, Hezbollah. In the south, you've got Gaza ruled by Iran's proxy Hamas," says the official. "Now, with the naval activity, you've got an Iranian presence in the West, in the Mediterranean. It's not good news. It's clear this is a matter of concern."

While Judah becomes more "isolated" just as the May 15th Prophecy have proclaimed because of their actions which are "unfaithful, unrighteous and defiant"

State officials said Saturday that the US veto which prevented a UN condemnation of settlement construction is not a reason for celebrations

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and EU foreign affairs chief Catherin Ashton publicly opposed the continuation of settlement construction and the existence of settlements. Germany, Britain and France were among the 14 supporters of the Palestinian proposal in the Security Council vote Friday

"Israel is becoming increasingly isolated from West European countries which consider settlements a red rag"

Every time Israel issues another tender for construction in the settlements it distances the friendly European nations. We have a very serious problem and the fact that there is no peace process makes it harder to get Western European nations to support Israel. Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy are angry with Netanyahu and do not accept the fact that the prime minister did not extend the freeze for an additional three months

Sources in Jerusalem also warned of the possibility of damage to Israel and Europe's financial relations. "It is estimated that the weekend vote will have financial consequences in relation to Europe. There are countries which already boycott Israeli goods and things may deteriorate further

After their draft was blocked in the Security Council, the PA threatened to take their draft to the General Assembly which may also discuss recognition of an independent Palestinian state

"The Europeans notice the fact that Ashton's policy is equivocally anti-settlements. Settlements and construction contribute to Israel's de-legitimization in all of Europe. In the past, European countries could have been influenced, but today it's virtually impossible."

Question unto Manasseh, what do you think the people in the street of Bahrain, Yemen, Sudan, Jordan, Iraq, Libya, Oman, Algeria, Tunisia & Egypt

What do you think they think of your veto for Israel ?, You who are blind ?

Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, said Sunday he was "stunned" by the spread of Arab protests as he arrived in Saudi Arabia on a Gulf tour to boost Washington's ties with regional allies.

Mullen's visit comes as an unprecedented wave of revolts challenges Arab authoritarian regimes, notably in Bahrain and Yemen, after uprisings toppled rulers in Tunisia and Egypt.

"It's stunning to me that it's moved so quickly," America's highest-ranking military officer said of the revolts.

Mullen said the purpose of his mission is to "reassure, discuss and understand what is going on," adding that the "trip was scheduled for other reasons but as it turns out the context has changed."

"We've talked about the underlying issues for a long time, but it's the speed with which this is happening," he told reporters.

Saudi neighbour Bahrain, which was rocked last week by deadly protests, will top the agenda of his talks with military officials during his two-day visit to the oil-rich, ultra-conservative kingdom.

The Sunni Saudi kingdom has expressed alarm at Iran's nuclear programme and the Shiite Islamic republic's growing influence in the Middle East, especially in Bahrain, Iraq and Lebanon which have sizeable Shiite communities

As your so-called "green movement" proves inadequate

"Sporadic gatherings of monafeghins (hypocrites)," a term officials use to refer to members of the outlawed People's Mujahedeen of Iran"

Several opposition websites and witnesses reported scattered demonstrations in Tehran and some clashes between police and protesters

"Mousavi's website said there had been "sporadic gatherings." "Generally they are silent but sometimes the crowd chants 'Allahu Akbar' (God is Great) and 'Death to the Dictator'," it said"

The official IRNA news agency said Iran's police chief had confirmed that security forces were out in numbers in Tehran but denied that there had been any significant incidents.

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