Friday, February 18, 2011

Binocular Snapshot for 2/18/2011

LastDayWatchers you know "for Gilgal shall surely go into captivity" as

Suicide bomber kills 11 in eastern Afghanistan

"A massive car bomb blew up Friday on the outskirts of a city in eastern Afghanistan, killing 11 people and injuring dozens of others -- an attack that authorities said could have been far worse if the suicide bomber had managed to make his way into the more crowded city center.

Meanwhile, in northern Afghanistan, a man in an Afghan army uniform opened fire on a group of German soldiers, killing two and wounding at least seven others,

according to the NATO force and German media reports. Instances of Afghan police or soldiers turning weapons on Western mentors are relatively infrequent, but such attacks, when they do take place, cast doubt on whether Afghan security forces will be ready to take the lead in safeguarding the country in the next three years.

The tempo of violence across Afghanistan has been increasing during the winter season,

when there has traditionally been a lull in fighting. Although many insurgents retreat across the border into Pakistan during the colder months,

a steady drumbeat of suicide attacks has continued this winter in major urban centers.

Friday's bombing took place on the edge of Khost, the capital of the eastern province of the same name, which is the site of a sprawling American-run military base known as Camp Salerno

"Attacks in four parts of the country left at least 17 people dead on Friday, including two German soldiers, four Afghan police officers and 11 civilians, signaling the tenaciousness of the insurgency even through the winter"

The most lethal incident occurred in the southeast province of Khost, on the edge of the provincial capital of the same name"

"Earlier this week, 19 people including 15 police and an intelligence agent died in a string of attacks centred on police headquarters in Afghanistan's de facto southern capital, Kandahar."

The May 15th Prophecy have proclaimed the bailouts would also come to "nought"

"Capital flows are once again posing some notable challenges for international macroeconomic and financial stability"

Central bankers and finance ministers of economies that make up 85 percent of the world's economy are trying to smooth imbalances of trade and investment to ensure steadier economic growth and prevent shocks like the recent crisis.

The United States is under fire not only for ultra accommodative monetary policy, but for a gaping budget deficit that raises concern that if left unchecked, it could some day lead to default

Bernanke's own unorthodox $600 billion bond buying initiative launched in November has stirred harsh criticism from countries around the world"

"Walker's administration put the deficit for the remainder of the current fiscal year at $137 million and for the next two fiscal years under its biannual budget at $3.3 billion"

"The people who are here, the thousands of protesters, union protesters ... have a right to be heard, but the millions and millions of taxpayers in the state have a right to be heard as well," Walker said.

U.S. state and local governments are struggling to balance their budgets after the recession decimated their finances. Some states such as Wisconsin, Texas, Arizona and Ohio are trying to make deep cuts in spending to balance the books. Others such as Minnesota and Illinois are raising taxes."

With 100% accuracy the May 15th Prophecy will continue to show you exactly what is about to happen next according to God's Word written at LastDayWatchers