Thursday, February 10, 2011

Binocular Snapshot for 2/10/2011

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Blast kills nine Shia pilgrims in Iraq

"At least nine people have been killed and 43 others wounded when a car bomb targeted Shia Muslim pilgrims in Iraq's northern province of Salahuddin.

An explosives-laden vehicle went off near worshippers at around 1:30 p.m. (1030 GMT) local time in the small Shia town of Dujail, situated about 65 kilometers (40 miles) north of Iraq's capital"

"The Askariya Shrine marks the place where the revered Shiite imam Ali al-Hadi was buried in A.D. 868"

Six years later, his son Hassan al-Askari, another noted cleric, was buried there as well.

Muhammad al-Mahdi, known as the Vanished Imam, is said to have gone into hiding near the shrine. Shiites believe he will return someday to bring justice to the world.

In January, suicide bombers mounted deadly attacks on Shiite pilgrims who were marching to another religious site, in the city of Karbala. At least 52 people were killed and 150 were wounded in those attacks.

Elsewhere in Iraq on Thursday, an improvised explosive device exploded in the predominantly Sunni neighborhood of Taji in northwest Baghdad, wounding two civilians.

In the Sha’ab district, a neighborhood in the northeastern part of the capital, the police found a dead body that appeared to have been subjected to torture"

Afghanistan suicide bomber kills district governor, 6 others

"A suicide bomber killed a district governor and six other people Thursday in a northern province of Afghanistan that has become increasingly emblematic of the Taliban movement's ability to strike far from its traditional strongholds in the south and east.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack in the district of Chardara in Kunduz province, where the insurgency is well-entrenched. A spokesman, Zabiullah Mujahid, called the slain official, Wahid Omarkhel, an "active member of the stooge government" who was closely connected to "foreign invaders."

Assassinations like this one make it extremely difficult for the Afghan government to recruit and retain qualified officials 

in areas that are considered Taliban strongholds. Insurgents routinely send "night letters" warning those connected to the central government or the Western military to quit their jobs or risk being targeted.

The attack pointed up the difficulties the NATO force faces in trying to maintain stability in parts of Afghanistan where there are not heavy concentrations of Western troops

Most of the U.S. forces who arrived in the last year as part of the surge ordered by President Obama have been deployed in the south, considered the main Taliban stronghold, and in the east, near the Pakistan border, where fighters from the Pakistan-based Haqqani network are most active"

Boy suicide bomber kills 32 at Pakistan army site

"The attack on an army recruitment center in Mardan occurs as cadets are doing their morning exercises

The death toll in a suicide bomb blast at a military training school in the northwest city of Mardan rose to 32 Thursday

in an attack that underscored militants' ability to strike sensitive Pakistani installations despite a series of army offensives aimed at uprooting the country's homegrown insurgency.

The blast injured 42 other cadets, several critically, authorities said. The Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack"

"“Militants have started 2011 on a high note"

says Abdul Basit, an expert on militancy at the Pakistani Institute for Peace Studies (PIPS), who points out that militants have also been ramping up small-scale attacks in the northwestern city of Peshawar.

"They have been able to strike Peshawar on a near-daily basis – this shows their growing influence not just within tribal areas but also the urban districts of Pakistan.”

Azam Tariq, a spokesman for the Taliban told reporters the attacks were to avenge the drone attacks and military operations in the tribal areas.

"We will continue such attacks on those people who are providing security to the Americans,"

It was the deadliest suicide bombing in Pakistan since a burqa-clad woman killed some 45 people at a United Nations food distribution point in late December.

"The Taliban are becoming more shrewd and diversifying their recruitment pool,”

says Basit.

“It is sending a message that you’ll be more vulnerable for these suicide missions. The majority of the recruits are victims of drone attacks or artillery fire. They are not only ideologically motivated but carry revenge in their hearts.”

The suicide bombing comes at a time when relations between the US and Pakistan have hit a new low following the ongoing detention of an American man on double-murder charges"

"The bombing underscored the continued ability of Pakistani militants to organize high-profile attacks despite several army counter-insurgency offensives"

While those operations and an escalation of CIA drone strikes have helped slow attacks, security analysts say they have failed to kill the leadership of militant groups such as the Pakistani Taliban"

LastDayWatchers notice how "unsafe" as oppose to the propaganda of "made America safer", resulting from the actions of the Pawn of Satan, notice also the "growth" of the little horn as oppose to the propaganda of "isolation"

Terrorism, the spread of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons and espionage, especially cyber attacks and the theft of U.S. technology, are the leading U.S. national security threats, the top U.S. intelligence official said Thursday

Delivering the U.S. intelligence community’s annual threat assessment to Congress, Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper said the country faces “numerous” other “potential dangers over the long term."

“It is the multiplicity and interconnectedness of potential threats — and the actors behind them — that constitute our biggest challenge,” Clapper said in the report submitted to the House Intelligence Committee.

Testifying before the committee, Clapper was flanked by the heads of other U.S. intelligence agencies, including CIA Director Leon Panetta.

Clapper said that the al Qaida leadership based in Pakistan’s tribal region bordering Afghanistan has been “damaged” by U.S. counter-terrorism efforts.

But, he continued, Osama bin Laden’s inner circle and affiliated groups in the Middle East and North Africa will remain “at the forefront of our national security threats over the coming year,” plotting attacks on the U.S. homeland and targets overseas.

He warned that al Qaida “affiliates” in North Africa, Somalia and Yemen 

“probably will grow stronger” 

in the absence of “more effective and sustained activities to disrupt them.”

Iran builds nuclear fusion reactor

"Iranian scientists at the Atomic Energy Organization or Iran (AEOI) have designed and built a nuclear fusion device, named IR-IECF, IRNA reported on Thursday.

The research and work on the reactor was carried out by scientists from the Plasma Physics and Nuclear Fusion Laboratory of the AEOI Nuclear Science and Technology Research Center.

The device uses Inertial Electrostatic Confinement method and can produce isotopes and radioisotopes used in diagnosing and curing cancer."

"With the manufacture of this machine... Iran becomes the sixth country to master this technology," after United States, Japan, France, Australia and South Korea"

Just as the May 15th Prophecy have proclaimed with 100% accuracy, written at LastDayWatchers


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