Friday, January 7, 2011

Binocular Snapshot for 1/07/2011

LastDayWatchers when you view in your LOUPE  God curse of the Bush/Obama Administrations you will see

Suicide bomber kills 17 in Afghan bathhouse; Taliban claims responsibility

"A suicide bomber killed 17 people and wounded at least 20 others Friday when he detonated his explosives in a public bathhouse where dozens of men were washing at midday before weekly prayers in the southern city of Spin Boldak on the Pakistani border.

A spokesman for the governor of Kandahar province said 16 civilians and a police inspector died in the blast. 

NATO officials said three of its forces were also killed Friday in roadside explosions and another Afghan police inspector was shot to death by unidentified gunmen in Kandahar City.

Taliban insurgents claimed responsibility for the bathhouse bombing, underscoring the ruthlessness of an avowedly Islamic movement that often targets fellow Afghan Muslims, including clerics and worshipers in mosques.

The attack also showed that despite a sustained NATO offensive in Kandahar and the surrounding region during the past year, the insurgents are capable of inflicting serious harm to large numbers of civilians in heavily populated areas.

A Taliban spokesman was quoted as saying that the blast was aimed at the deputy commander of the Afghan border patrol in Spin Boldak, one of two major crossing points into Pakistan.

The commander of the area's border patrol, Abdul Razak, is an ally of U.S. forces who has been credited with maintaining a tight trip on law and order despite a poor personal reputation for abuses and corruption. The identity of the police officer killed at the bath house was not immediately clear"

Gunmen kill five in their Iraq home

"Gunmen shot dead five people, including the sister of an Iraqi policeman, in their beds in a house northeast of Baghdad early on Friday, a police official said.

The gunmen killed the policeman's sister, her husband's mother and father, their daughter and a child in their house in Husseiniya northeast of the capital, the official said.

The policeman had called his sister, who did not answer the phone. He then went to the house and discovered she and the others had been killed, the official said.

The gunmen are suspected of having used silenced weapons because no one heard the shots.

It was unclear why the five were targeted, with the official saying an investigation had been launched into whether it was a "criminal or terrorist" act.

Also on Friday, two people were killed when a car bomb demolished part of a house in the Sikak neighbourhood west of Nasiriyah, which is 305 kilometres (190 miles) south of Baghdad"

“If there were no Sadrists, there would be no government.”

“God willing, we’ll rule the country, but we’ll do it by way of justice, with our brothers, through our thoughts and intellect that will gather Iraqis together,” Mr. Ibrahim said. “The pen is our weapon now, and so is our knowledge.”

Some posters declare Mr. Sadr “the preparer,” paving the way for the imam’s return, His group’s cultural arm is known as “the Preparers,” too

In a synthesis of the religious and the political so seamless that no one really remarks on it. Abdel-Hussein Saadi, a pilgrim from Baghdad, said he was indeed certain of the imam’s appearance in his lifetime. He was no less certain of Mr. Sadr’s determination to fight for his rights before then, whatever his distance from a government filled with his own ministers and deputies"

More Than 1,000 Extra Marines To Be Deployed in Afghanistan

" The United States will send more than 1,000 additional Marines to Afghanistan this month to try to solidify progress in the south before troop reductions begin in July, American military officials said Thursday.

The majority of the forces will be sent to Helmand Province, where 20,000 Marines have made gains against the Taliban but where fighting remains intense in insurgent strongholds like Sangin. American commanders are under pressure to quell the violence and sustain their gains in the first six months of 2011, when the White House will assess whether a troop increase for the nearly decade-old war is working.

It is unclear what effect, if any, the additional Marines will have on the debate on the number of forces to be withdrawn in July.

“The coming debate is bigger than this,” said Michael E. O’Hanlon, a military analyst and senior fellow at the Brookings Institution. “The issue will be, do we reduce in the second half of the year by 1,000, 5,000 or 20,000?”

During a visit to Afghanistan last month, Mr. Obama told American troops that they were “making important progress” and breaking the Taliban’s momentum, but others in Washington and Kabul have been more skeptical about the gains and whether they can be sustained once the Americans leave"

The extension of terror extend

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula conducted two ambushes in Yemen today, killing 13 Yemeni soldiers and wounding several more, including a brigade commander

"In the first attack, AQAP fighters ambushed a convoy of Yemeni troops from Brigade 111 in Abyan's district of Lauder, killing 12 soldiers. The AQAP ambush team used heavy machine guns and RPGs in the attack, according to the The Yemen Post. No AQAP fighters were reported killed in the firefight.

In a second attack, AQAP detonated a roadside bomb as Muhsen Juzailan, the commander of Brigade 111, and local officials were traveling in Lauder. The commander's bodyguard was killed, while he and three other soldiers were wounded, some critically, The Yemen Post reported later.

Both attacks took place in Lauder, where Yemeni security forces launched a major operation last summer. In August, the interior ministry claimed that the district of Lauder in Abyan province had been cleared of al Qaeda fighters, but attacks in the district have persisted.

Last summer, Qasim al Raymi, the military commander for al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, and Mohammed Said al Umdah Gharib al T'aizzi, a senior AQAP military commander in southern Yemen, both claimed the terror group has raised a 12,000-fighter-strong army in the southern Yemeni provicnes of Aden and Abyan.

T'aizzi said the Yemeni government was complicit in allowing the US to conduct Predator and cruise missile airstrikes in Abyan and Marib, and he vowed to attack the government and security forces for working with the US. Al Raymi said that the army was being raised to "free this land of crusaders and their apostate agents."

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