Friday, April 30, 2010

Binocular Snapshot for 4/30/2010

LastDayWatchers as you watch with your LOUPE to see the continual failure manifesting itself

Nato troops kill three Afghan women

"Two women and a girl have been killed and two men injured after Nato troops opened fire on a car in the southern Afghan city of Kandahar"

"Afghanistan's interior ministry said that the victims were travelling on a highway in Zabul province on Friday when foreign troops opened fire, killing three of the five civilians in the car"

Along with the extension of failure

Pakistani smugglers supplying Afghan bombmakers

"Banned in Afghanistan, ammonium nitrate is the basic ingredient of the Taliban's roadside bombs. The amounts ferried into Afghanistan are staggering. Each truck carries 130 bags, each of which contains 110 pounds of ammonium nitrate. A caravan typically has least 12 trucks, which means a single night's shipment can move 85 tons of the fertilizer"

The Loupe has a Recommended Reading

False Gods And Wall Street's Future

"It's this overbalancing toward quarterly reporting that led Thomas Donohue, president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, to remark several years ago that, “The rules have now been changed to favor a culture of immediate financial gratification without regard to long-term costs. We've created an environment where a company's long-term value and health are all too easily sacrificed at the altar of meaningless short-term performance”

"The mutuality of short-term interests by all the players hinders, postpones or even destroys long-term value creation. It can also appropriate a disproportionate amount of financial wealth from the system"

See more at the May 15th Prophecy written at LastDayWatcher

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Binocular Snapshot for 4/29/2010

LastDayWatchers as you look into your LOUPE today , notice the forming of the horns, how 100% accurate the May 15th Prophecy was, in prophesying exactly these details unto you and the coagulation

Iran, Syria are united against Palestine's enemies

"Iran and Syria are united against the internationally-backed enemies of Palestine, Iranian Vice President Mohammad-Reza Rahimi said during a visit to Damascus on Thursday, adding that the Palestinians will never give up their legitimate rights"

"The Iranian VP added that "backing the cause of Palestine and world oppressed nations is among Iran's priorities," saying that both "Iran and Syria should exercise vigilance and never let minor issues divert them from their lofty goals"

Assad discusses economic bloc with Iran's vice president

"President Bashar Assad Thursday discussed with Iranian First Vice President Mohammad Reza Rahimi the potential of establishing a regional economic bloc"

"The two sides reviewed Syrian-Iranian ties, particularly in the economic and political fields, as well as the agenda of the 12th Session of the Syrian-Iranian Higher Committee which began Thursday in Damascus.

"Talks during the meeting dealt with means of consolidating cooperation between the two countries, increasing volume of trade exchange and removing all obstacles that hinder the economic cooperation, SANA reported"

The latest developments in the regional and international arenas, particularly in Iraq and the occupied Palestinian territories were also on the table"

If you really want to know what is about to happen next with 100% accuracy? then you need to read the May 15th Prophecy written at LastDayWatchers


Mounting Failure

U.S. Report on Afghan War Finds Few Gains in 6 Months

"In 92 districts assessed for their support of the Afghan government or their antagonism to it, not one supported the government, although the population was neutral in 44 districts. The number of districts sympathetic to the insurgency or supportive of it increased to 48 in March 2010 from 33 in December 2009"

" the Pentagon’s assessment of the insurgency, which it found to be tenacious, with “robust means of sustaining its operations” in terms of arms, financing and recruits"

“Its operational capabilities and organizational reach are qualitatively and geographically expanding,” the report said. It added that the “strength and ability of shadow governance to discredit the authority and legitimacy of the Afghan government is increasing”

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Binocular Snapshot for 4/28/2010

LastDayWatchers you will see in your LOUPE, the divide & conquer strategy implored by Manasseh will continue to fail and their propaganda will not work!

U.S. training Afghan villagers to fight the Taliban

"Beginning in late February, a small detachment of U.S. Special Forces soldiers organized nearly two dozen villagers into an armed Afghan-style neighborhood watch group"

"These days, the bazaar is thriving"

As God Curse of the Bush/Obama Administrations continue unabated

Twin car bombs kill 7 in Baghdad Shiite enclave

"Suicide attackers detonated two car bombs in a Shiite enclave in southern Baghdad on Wednesday, killing seven people and wounding 21 others, Iraqi officials said.
The car bombs exploded within five minutes of each other around sunset. The first targeted a security checkpoint and the second hit a market just down the street"

US soldier killed in northern Iraq

" The U.S. military says an American soldier has been killed by a roadside blast in the Diyala province in northern Iraq, The military said in a statement on Wednesday"

Clearly coming into focus will also be the continual mounting of failure

Insurgents' roadside bomb kills 12 Afghans in minibus

"Pointing up the dangers faced by Afghan civilians as insurgents take aim at Western troops, a minibus in eastern Afghanistan hit a roadside bomb Wednesday, killing 12 passengers"

Terrorist attacks spike in Pakistan, Afghanistan

"An increase in terrorist attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan triggered a spike in the number of civilians killed or wounded there last year, pushing South Asia past the Middle East as the top terror region in the world, according to figures compiled by a U.S. intelligence agency"

By extension (just one small example of these extensions!)

Suicide blast hits Pakistan police

"The northwestern region is at the forefront of Pakistan's battle against Taliban, al-Qaeda and other opposition groups who launch attacks from the tribal mountainous area both within Pakistan and bordering Afghanistan"

"A suicide bomber has attacked a security checkpoint in the northwest of Pakistan, killing at least four policemen and wounding another 12 people"

However extensions eventually send back to its lead source (like a extension cord), which should remind you the the original flawed statement by the Pawn of Satan

"To fight them over there"

Keep your LOUPE focus on the 100% accuracy of God Truth, he is reveling in the May 15th Prophecy
written at LastDayWatchers

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Binocular Snapshot for 4/27/2010

LastDayWatchers it was the May 15th Prophecy post The Preview of the Red Defensive & Black Shadows That showed you why Judah went begging for partnership with Brazil,

Which informed you

"When war shall come, Britain and the United States will fight a never ending defensive war"

"God Word make clear the beast kingdom shall reach even unto the Hemisphere and boarders of the decedents of Jacob nations Britain and the United States"

"He was given power to make war against the saints and to conquer them."

" And he was given authority over every tribe, people, language and nation."

However it is only you know, who who knows America is the most lied to society for propaganda on the face of the earth

US downplays Iran threat in Latin America

"The Pentagon last week released a 12-page report that identified an "increased presence" by Iran's elite military Qods Force in Latin America, particularly in Venezuela"

As the LOUPE give you the focus of the solidifying of the horn 

U.S., Israel say Syria arming Hezbollah with missiles

"We are at a point now where Hezbollah has far more rockets and missiles than most governments in the world," Gates said, noting that Washington was following the matter closely.

Barak said the missiles could "disrupt the very delicate balance in Lebanon."

Turkish-Syrian drill raises concerns in Israel

"A joint Turkish-Syrian drill along the border the two countries share will commence Tuesday in a similar outline to a previous exercise conducted a year ago"

"The tightening of Turkish-Syrian ties raises concerns in Israel, mainly due to their political significance and the possibility that the relations will expand to full out military cooperation"

Look for the next May 15th Prophecy written at LastDayWatchers

Monday, April 26, 2010

Binocular Snapshot for 4/26/2010

LastDayWatchers when you focus with your LOUPE; view how God Word is being fulfilled just as the May 15th Prophecy has written it down with 100% accuracy

Remember the May 15th Prophecy told you how the Iraqi leaders would make up rules as it goes?,  with terrible result for the U.S.?

"A dreadful and terrible people, making up its own rules as it goes"
(See: The Bush Administration in Prophecy)

Iraq Political Crisis Worsens as Court Bars Candidates

"The court’s ruling intensified a political crisis that remains far from resolved, raising tensions and even the specter of violence. The court’s decision, at a minimum, will delay the formation of a new government through the months when the Obama administration has pledged to withdraw its combat troops, leaving a force of only 50,000 after September"

"The prolonged fight over the election’s results now shows no sign of ending, stalling the formation of a new government that is widely considered a test of the country’s stability"

Iraq panel wipes out votes, result in doubt

"This decision (of the review panel) builds a wall between the political parties when they should be getting closer to forming a government quickly," said Khamis al-Badri, a professor of political science at Baghdad University"

"This decision at this time will not be good for the political process"

So when you read about nation building effort like this

U.S. shifts Afghan mission

"Gen. Stanley McChrystal's emphasis on improving the lives of Afghans and limiting civilian casualties.

"What he's looking at is, how well is this school being built?" said Col. Dan Johnson, the top commander for intelligence-gathering operations here. "What's the status of that? We're going into this next area, can we move our construction teams into this area? Is it safe? Those are the different things that he wanted to shift to and the thought process. That goes against the kind of traditional security that we provide our troops out there"

"McChrystal has changed many elements of military policy since his arrival in Afghanistan last year. In January, his top intelligence aide, Maj. Gen. Michael Flynn, issued a paper that criticized the military for gathering information almost exclusively on enemy activity. That focus, he wrote, failed to provide information that can help commanders understand Afghan culture and the everyday concerns of its people"

Know it just the magnification of God Word of his curse; he promise he would send; how the U.S. would be pouring money down the drain by the billions

"You shall be only oppressed and plundered continually, and no one shall save you."
(See: The Strong Delusion That They (Isreal,Britian and United States) Should Believe A Lie)

Side bar note * The U.S. is having trouble keeping schools open in America!!

Which just lead to more failure and plundering

"you shall become troublesome to all the kingdoms of the earth."

Al Qaeda in Yemen, fortified with diverted US funds, strikes British embassy

"Failing to eradicate the al Qaeda presence by force, Salah summoned the tribal chiefs harboring al Qaeda centers and through them offered to pay the Islamists to leave the country. The bribe of an estimated $15-20 million was accepted and on April 7, 12 al Qaeda leaders, presenting themselves to the Somali Al-Shebab Islamist rebels as emissaries of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), turned up in Somalia to scout suitable areas under rebel control for new bases, their pockets well lined with US dollars to pay for their lease."

Afghanistan war: Taliban escalates violence with Kandahar blasts

"According to a tally compiled by Sami Kovanen, a senior analyst with Indicium Consulting in Kabul, 99 people were killed in 150 violent incidents in Kandahar City between the start of January and April 18, not including insurgents. The dead included aid workers, private contractors, mullahs, tribal elders, secret policemen, foreign soldiers, and civilians, who bore the highest toll"

Triple blast hits Kandahar

"The Taliban has sought to counter the US plan by sending death squads to target elders and government officials and launching suicide attacks. The deputy mayor was shot dead in a mosque a week ago, provincial officials said"

"Widespread alienation from an often corrupt, predatory or absent provincial government has fuelled support for the insurgents and complicated the west's plan to rally Kandaharis behind the Afghan state and its foreign backers"

"But by far the largest number of targeted assassinations were directed against police officers, who accounted for 30 percent of the dead"

God Word is forever settled in heaven and the May 15th Prophecy has been called to let you know with 100% accuracy what is about to happen next written at LastDayWatchers

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Binocular Snapshot for 4/25/2010

LastDayWatchers today is a day to consider the raising point of the little horn

Iran Guards test missiles during Gulf war games

"Despite the different places from which the missiles were fired , they all hit the target simultaneously and completely destroyed it," Fars said"

"The missiles were surface-to-surface and surface-to-sea"

"On Thursday, Iranian media said the Guards successfully tested a new speedboat capable of destroying enemy ships"

Also see in your LOUPE the propaganda in overdrive

Iranian technocrats, disillusioned with government, offer wealth of intelligence to U.S.

"Iran's political turmoil has prompted a growing number of the country's officials to defect or leak information to the West, creating a new flow of intelligence about its secretive nuclear program, U.S. officials said"

Afghanistan says 4-5 years to take over security

"Afghanistan's security forces will need four to five years before they are fully capable of taking over responsibility for the country's security, its Defense Ministry said on Sunday"

Look for the next May 15th Prophecy written at LastdayWatchers 


Very interesting video to see


Birth Pains

Earthquake Hits Off Taiwan Coast

"The U.S. Geological Survey says a 6.9 magnitude earthquake has struck off the southeast coast of Taiwan"

"The agency says the quake hit at 10:59 a.m. local time (0259 GMT) Monday, 195 miles (295 kilometers) off the southern Taiwan city of Taitung"

Mounting Failure

Fuel Trucks Attacked in Afghanistan

" Twelve trucks, most of them carrying fuel to a NATO base in eastern Afghanistan, were burned by an angry crowd early Sunday less than 30 miles from Kabul"

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Binocular Snapshot for 4/24/2010

LastDayWatchers when you view in your LOUPE the change but no change

Obama again stops short of calling slaughter of Armenians a genocide

"For the second year in a row, Obama avoids the term being pushed by Armenian American groups and their congressional allies as he marks the day of remembrance of the 1915 killings by Ottoman Turks"

You will see why the failures will continue to mount endlessly

Suicide raid killed American soldier on Kabul base: U.S.

"An explosion which killed an American and an Afghan soldier on an army base in Kabul this week was carried out by a suicide bomber, the U.S. military has confirmed, the second time in five months an insurgent has managed to infiltrate a base"

Nato tankers attacked in Pakistan

"Twelve Nato oil tankers have been set alight and four policemen killed when unknown gunmen opened fire in Talagang, a town in Pakistan's Punjab province"

"These incidents convey the difficulty of undertaking a war in a landlocked nation such as Afghanistan. About 75 per cent of supplies for the Afghan war are sent either through or over Pakistan, including 40 per cent of fuel for troops"

"Supplies have become a focus of attack for fighters who aim to stem the resources available to Nato and US forces in Afghanistan"

"Supplies along the Khyber Pass have regularly come under attack, forcing the US to find alternative supply routes"

You will view in your LOUPE God drawing back his hand from before the enemy which allows the coagulation to solidify enough to expand the curse

US sees Syria widening Hezbollah missile array

"“We are concerned with the broadening nature of co-operation between Syria and Hezbollah. They are providing a wider array of missiles to Hezbollah,” a senior State Department official said on condition of anonymity"

Keep viewing the straight stick of the truth, with this tool called the LOUPE provide by the May 15th Prophecy and you will see with 100% accuracy what will happen next written at LastDayWatchers

Friday, April 23, 2010

Binocular Snapshot for 4/23/2010

LastDayWatchers as you focus your LOUPE you will see God curse of the Bush/Obama Administrations continue as

Bombs kill 69 in Iraq days after al-Qaida killings

"A series of bombings mainly targeting Shiite worshippers killed at least 69 people on Friday, officials said, just days after U.S. and Iraqi forces killed the top two al-Qaida leaders in Iraq in what was described as a devastating blow to the insurgency."

"The apparently coordinated attack, which occurred in a two-hour timespan, demonstrated insurgents remain a potent force despite U.S. and Iraqi claims that the terror network is on the run"

Bombings in Iraq prompt cleric to issue orders for Shiite militia

"The Sadrist movement is staunchly opposed to the presence of U.S. troops in Iraq and the Mahdi Army has in the past fought pitched battles against U.S. troops"

"There is an invitation from Moqtada Sadr to members of the Mahdi Army to cooperate with security forces," Hazim al-Aaraji, a leader in the movement, said in an interview. "This is in order to provide protection for the worshipers"

"The Mahdi Army, which clashed repeatedly with Iraq's armed forces starting in 2004, has been largely dormant since it reached a negotiated truce with the government in the spring of 2008. Its reactivation could once again heighten sectarian tensions in this country, trigger new clashes and complicate the political negotiations, already contentious, over the formation of the new government"

You will continue to see the failure mount

Two U.S. service members killed in Afghanistan

"Two American service members died of wounds after an overnight clash with insurgents in a province near the capital, Western military officials said Friday"

You will also see the the continual solidifying of the coagulation of the horns

Lebanese visit to Syria aims to boost bilateral relations

"Damascus aimed to lay the foundation for a new phase of economic rapprochement and cooperation in Lebanese-Syrian ties"

"We want our meeting to pave the way for a phase of economic rapprochement as a first step toward full economic cooperation that would positively impact economic growth in both countries,” Hogassapian said at a joint news conference with Syrian Minister of State Amer Lotfi in Damascus"

"The official Lebanese delegation tasked with re-evaluating Lebanese-Syrian bilateral deals held a meeting earlier Monday at the Grand Serail before heading to Syria to meet with counterparts"

"Headed by Hogassapian, who met Syrian Premier Naji al-Otri upon his arrival to Damascus, the delegation comprised 29 director generals of all government ministries"

Even the most skeptical have to ask the birth pain question

Is the Earth striking back?

"As it does, a volcano awakens in Iceland (with another, larger and adjacent to still-erupting Eyjafjallajokull, threatening to detonate next). The Earth shudders in Haiti. Then Chile. Then western China. Mexicali-Calexico. The Solomon Islands. Spain. New Guinea. And those are just the big ones, 6+ on the Richter scale, and just in 2010. And it's only April."

Only those that are totally alert will have their LOUPE focus on the truth of this


Precedent suggests Afghanistan Taliban could win: report

"The RAND study looked at 89 insurgencies dating to the 1934 start of Mao's uprising in China. In order to be included, the conflict needed to have killed at least 1,000 people, among other criteria"

"While current US counterinsurgency doctrine in Afghanistan broadly conforms with historical best practices, the Taliban enjoy a slew of advantages that historically correlate with insurgent success, according to a new study of 89 past and ongoing insurgencies worldwide"

"Factors that favor the Taliban include receiving sanctuary and support in another country, learning to be more discriminating in targeting their attacks, and fighting a government that's both weak and reliant on direct external support"

Make sure you see the next post of the May 15th Prophecy written at LastDayWatchers


The American citizen are the most lied to society for propaganda on the face of the earth

Geithner: Bailouts may end up costing less than expected

"The government's controversial financial bailouts of automakers, major banks and other industries could cost taxpayers $87 billion when all is said and done, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said Friday"

Sensing the curse is taken its toll the East maneuver into position

Chinese Naval Power Expands to Waters the U.S. Dominates

"The Chinese military is seeking to project naval power well beyond the Chinese coast, from the oil ports of the Middle East to the shipping lanes of the Pacific, where the United States Navy has long reigned as the dominant force"

"Adm. Robert F. Willard, the leader of the United States Pacific Command, said in Congressional testimony that recent Chinese military developments were “pretty dramatic.” China has tested long-range ballistic missiles that could be used against aircraft carriers, he said. After years of denials, Chinese officials have confirmed that they intend to deploy an aircraft carrier group within a few years"

As the horns congeal you will see the real winner of the so called "Success of the Surge"

Turkey and Iran in talks on post-election Iraq

"Turkey and Iran, two major powerhouses in the region with significant clout over Iraqi domestic politics, have been trying to reconcile their differences to bolster post-election Iraqi unity, diplomatic sources have told Today's Zaman. It may very well have been overshadowed by Iran's nuclear program, which has topped the international agenda in recent weeks, but the question of what will happen in Iraq after the general elections was the second most important issue on the Turkish foreign minister's to-do list when he visited Tehran on Tuesday to have a series of talks with the Iranian leadership, including President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad"

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Binocular Snapshot for 4/22/2010

LastDayWatchers to show you how nothing changed focus your LOUPE on the truth of this

Right wing’s road to ruin on Israel: ‘You’re either with us or against us’

"Then there’s Im Tirtzu, a new party in Israel that says it is aiming to strengthen Zionism in the Holy Land. Im Tirtzu (“if you will it”) used Israel’s national day of unity to distribute Yizkor (memorial prayer) pamphlets — including text that changed the traditional memorial prayer to include a denunciation of those who criticized some of Israel’s actions during last year’s Gaza war as traitors who “befriended the worst enemies of Israel”

Do you smell the same stench produce by the Pawn of Satan George W Bush?

"Speaking of Goldstone, it seems that some right-wing groups that consider him a traitor to the Jews threatened to disrupt the bar mitzvah of his grandson in South Africa if he attends. Regardless of whether you think the Goldstone report was correct in part or not at all, this is a reprehensible way to treat a fellow Jew."

Do you smell the same stench produce by the Pawn of Satan George W Bush?

Goldstone criticises S Africa rabbi

"Goldstone, a South African Jew, was personally targeted in a smear campaign following the report's publication.

South African Jewish leaders said that the report had caused "a lot of anger" in the Jewish community.

But others said threats to picket the bar mitzvah were "disgraceful".

Doron Isaacs, a South African NGO leader who has campaigned for a just solution to the Israeli-Palestinain conflict, last week told Al Jazeera that the picket plan was a deliberate intimidation attempt.

"There is a belief amongst right-wing Zionist organisations that defaming and humiliating Jewish critics of Israeli policy will set an example that would intimidate others into silence,"

Do you smell the same stench produce by the Pawn of Satan George W Bush?

The May 15th Prophecy have already declared the results of the harden heart

Israel rejects Obama's call for building halt in East Jerusalem

"Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected a call by US President Barack Obama to halt new construction in East Jerusalem, his aides confirmed Thursday. The rejection, which was delivered privately over the weekend, appeared likely to further complicate American efforts to broker a peace deal between Israelis and Palestinians."

As God set Israel up to fulfill his word that only the May 15th Prophecy have told you is about to happen

"The Lord has swallowed up all the country places and habitations of Jacob and has spared not nor pitied; He has demolished in His wrath the strongholds of the Daughter of Judah."

"He has broken off in His fierce anger every horn (means of defense) of Israel. He has drawn back His right hand from before the enemy. And He has burned amidst Jacob like a flaming fire consuming all around."

Iran war games begin with new 'ultra fast' speed boats

"Military spokesman Ali Reza Tangsiri said the new “Ya Mahdi” attack boat – named after the Shiite Muslim messiah who is expected to one day return and bring universal justice – was “less detectable by radar” because of its “high speed.”

“The Strait of Hormuz belongs to the region and foreigners must not intervene in it. We want to keep it safe and secure,”

Afghanistan becomes more dangerous for contractors

"U.S. government contractor deaths in Afghanistan more than doubled last year as violence and American troop levels increased, federal government records show"

See with 100% accuracy what the May 15th Prophecy has declared will happen next written at LastDayWatchers

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Binocular Snapshot for 4/21/2010

LastDayWatchers Iran is showing that its far from being "isolated"

Iran to hold large-scale war games

"The TV report quoted the Guard's deputy chief Hossein Salami as saying the war games in the Persian Gulf and Hormuz were designed to "safeguard security" in the region. It did not elaborate"

"Salami said the three-day war games due to start Thursday will also seek to demonstrate Iran's role in a waterway through which some 40 percent of the world oil and energy supply passes"

Watch for the next May 15th Prophecy written at LastDayWatchers

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Binocular Snapshot for 4/20/2010

LastDayWatchers gird up now thy loins like a man because the LOUPE will cause you to see some very unpleasant things including the lingering stench of the LIE of the Pawn of Satan George W Bush policies & consequences that only the May 15th Prophecy has highlighted for you

When you read the article below, keep in mind the old saying against the backdrop of what I just mentioned

The old saying being "You can't trust a liar even when he is telling the truth!"SELAH

Lebanese PM says Scuds accusations like Iraq's WMD

" Lebanon's Western-backed prime minister has denied Israeli allegations that Hezbollah obtained Scud missiles, comparing them to the false American charges that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction ahead of the 2003 U.S.-led invasion."

"The media suddenly started reporting that there are Scud missiles in Lebanon. Do you know what a Scud missile means? I believe it is as big as this room," Hariri said late Monday in Italy. His comments were reported by Lebanese media Tuesday. "Threats that Lebanon now has huge missiles are similar to what they used to say about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq," he added. "These are weapons that they did not find and they are still searching for."

"They are trying to repeat the same scenario with Lebanon," the prime minister said."

This also speak of the continual coagulation of the horns

As the harden heart defends untenable positions squatting like a evil spirit refusing to be cast out!

"Imposed" Mideast solution would stoke violence: Israel FM

"Any attempt to force a solution on the parties without establishing the foundation of mutual trust will only deepen the conflict," Avigdor Lieberman told the assembled diplomatic core celebrating Israel's Independence Day."

Because there have been change but no change, thus the continuance of defending untenable positions and the perpetuation of the LIE; is the reason you hear the echoed of  Vise President Biden

When he ignorantly said speaking of the Al Qaeda leaders in Iraq

"Their deaths are potentially devastating blows to Al-Qaeda Iraq"

Supporting propaganda that leaves the American citizen the most lied to society on the face of the earth,  remember when Al-Zarqawi's was the devastating blow ?

But here the real  truth the LOUPE point you to

Children of anti-Qaeda militia chief beheaded in Iraq

"Five family members of a local chief of an anti-Qaeda militia were gunned down in their homes in Tarmiyah, north of the Iraqi capital on Tuesday, with the children also beheaded"

Iraqis say Qaeda deaths will not improve their lives

"Iraqis they were more concerned about the power cuts, lack of jobs and corruption that blight their daily lives"

The blind still believe in the "success of the surge"

But he that has eyes to see let him see the mounting failure as the LOUPE continues to confirm the 100% Accuracy of what the May 15th Prophecy has already declared

Back in 2007 the May 15th Prophecy told you in the post titled "The Fall of Israel and the United States"

The May 15th Prophecy specifically told the U.S. and it's siblings would lose any meaningful military superpower status

"(#3) The Decline in the military advantage of Israel,United States and Britain in the middle east and throughout the world"

Now see what that failure look like today 2010

US has limited options in stopping Iranian nukes

"President Barack Obama has said Iran cannot be allowed to become a nuclear weapons state. Despite that red line, there is a strong distaste among military leaders and the White House for seeking to resolve the Iranian problem with military force."

"Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Adm. Mike Mullen and others have not budged from their view that a U.S. or Israeli military strike on Iran's known nuclear development facilities would not prevent Tehran from eventually building a bomb."

"Instead, they warn, an attack on Iran's suspected weapons sites could cause a far-reaching and unpredictable backlash."

LOUPE the phrase "strong distaste among military leaders"

Further highlighting the failure are 3 recommended reading as you stay alert to the truth so that you don't become like the lukewarm, gullible, sleepwalkers that God is gonna vomit out of his mouth.SELAH


Baghdad Politics and the U.S.-Iranian Balance
(make sure you read May 15th Prophecy shared notes accompanied with this found in the LOUPE right sidebar or click here)

"The United States is set to complete the withdrawal of its combat forces from Iraq this summer, leaving behind a residual force of about 50,000 support personnel. This drawdown is according to a plan former U.S. President George W. Bush laid down in 2008, and that U.S. President Barack Obama has sped up only by a few months."

"Therefore, this is not a political issue but one on which there has been consensus. The reason for the withdrawal is that U.S. forces are needed in Afghanistan. Even more important, the United States has no strategic reserve for its ground forces. It has fought a two-theater, multidivisional war for seven years. The Army is stretched to the limit, and should another crisis develop elsewhere in the world, the United States would lack the land power to respond decisively."

"Avoiding this potential situation requires drawing down U.S. forces from Iraq. But simply abandoning the Persian Gulf to Iranian military and political power also represents a dangerous situation for the Americans. Therefore, the United States must balance two unacceptable realities"

Why Syria needs to get a grip

"The triumphalist mood of Syria's leaders admittedly reflects how much conditions on the ground have changed over the past couple of years, especially since Lebanon's Parliamentary elections of June, 2009"

Gates' Memo on Iran: Controversial but Correct

"While the U.S. claims broad international support for its diplomatic effort to restrain Iran from building a nuclear weapon, such support would narrow dramatically for any military action. It's far from clear even that the U.S. military shares McCain's view." 

"Gates and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen have repeatedly made clear that military action could succeed only in delaying Iran's nuclear progress — but at a risk of sparking a regional war with unpredictable consequences."

Make sure your LOUPE is tune in to the 100% accuracy of the May 15th Prophecy written at LastDayWatchers

Monday, April 19, 2010

Binocular Snapshot for 4/19/2010

LastDayWatchers be alerted to the harden heart, the coagulation, and the mounting failure your LOUPE should be focus on

The Harden Heart

Israeli PM says Jerusalem settlements justified

"Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says he will not accept Palestinian demands that Israel stop building settlements in East Jerusalem."

"Appearing in an interview broadcast Monday on ABC's "Good Morning America," Netanyahu called that "an unacceptable demand"

The Coagulation

Jumblat Says Coincidence of Calls to Disarm Hizbullah, Israeli Claims 'Raises Many Question Marks'

"We can establish special economic and security ties with Syria for the welfare of both countries," Jumblat added, stressing that "the past is gone and we're looking forward to the future."

The Mounting Failure

American Aid Official Visits Kandahar After Attacks on Contractors

"attacks have been taken as a sign that Taliban militants are mounting a new campaign aimed at disrupting development assistance programs, and the violence has already forced Afghans working with foreign governments or companies here to leave their jobs."

"It is particularly troubling because American and European officials have identified the civilian aid program as a critical complement to the expanded military offensive against the Taliban, designed to keep the population supporting the government rather than insurgents."

“There has been an increase in attacks on soft targets across the whole country,” one Western official said. A European official here echoed that concern: “Will it continue? My sense is it is stepping up.”

Check for the next post of the May 15th Prophecy written at LastDayWatchers


China quake death toll climbs above 2,000

"The death toll from last week's 6.9-magnitude earthquake in northwest China has risen to 2,039, state media said late Monday."

"Another 195 people were still missing, the state-run Xinhua news agency said, citing rescue headquarters."

"It added that 12,135 people were injured, of whom 1,434 were in serious condition."

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Binocular Snapshot for 4/18/2010

LastDayWatchers the LOUPE has magnified the fact of Iran being far from "isolated", indeed they are advancing the new paradigm

Iran nuclear conference urges Israel to join NPT

"Participants slam 'double-standard' by nuclear powers that call for disarmament but ignore Jewish state's atomic arsenal"

With 60 nations visiting its conference, Iran did that which its fathers have not done nor fathers fathers as it positioned itself to creditably make demands

Iran demands US troop withdrawal

"Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in a speech marking the country's annual Army Day on Sunday.
"They must leave the region and this is not a request but an order"

Ahmadinejad flexes military muscle as news of secret Gates Iran memo ripples

"A secret memo from US Defense Secretary Robert Gates warned the White House in January that the US lacks a long-term plan to deal with Iran, according to reports. News of the Gates Iran memo is causing a stir in Washington."

Putting on display it real might against the propaganda of opposition

Iran displays military hardware

"Soon after his speech, Ahmadinejad presided over a parade of Iranian military personnel, members of the elite Revolutionary Guards and the volunteer Islamist militia, Basij.

While parading, the soldiers were chanting, "On the order of Khamenei, I will give my life!"

The LOUPE will point you to the truth of how God will burn the "folders" of Israel

U.S. military plans against Iran being updated

"In general, the U.S. military develops what is sometimes called targeting "folders." These files detail all the known facts and intelligence about a target, include precise location, how deeply buried it might be, the civilian population surrounding the target, the geology of the land and rock around the area, and detailed options about which U.S. weapons might be best used to destroy it."

The LOUPE will continue to magnify the truth, spoken of by the May 15th Prophecy; regarding the the true realities on the ground instead of the propaganda

Iran to talk with Security Council members on nuclear deal

"Mottaki said any attack against Iran would be like "playing with fire."
"Those who think of attacking Iran are playing with fire. They will very well realise the consequences of their actions," English-language Press TV quoted him as saying at the press conference."

"We don't believe they will attack. We do not see they have the capacity on the ground."

As the harden hearth weaken the "strong"

PM quotes Herzl: Don't rely on foreigners

"Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu opened the weekly cabinet meeting with a quote from State visionary, Theodor Herzl: "Don't rely on the help of foreigners".

Israel should reconsider settlement curb: minister

"any further pressure from Washington would be "a mistaken request and an unfair one"

Causing expensive saber rattling the May 15th Prophecy told you would occur

Report: Israel Threatened Syria to Return it to 'Stone Age' Over Hizbullah Arms

"In a message, sent earlier this month, Israel made it clear that it now regards Hizbullah as a division of the Syrian army and that reprisals against Syria will be fast and devastating," the newspaper said.

"We'll return Syria to the Stone Age by crippling its power stations, ports, fuel storage and every bit of strategic infrastructure if Hizbullah dare to launch ballistic missiles against us," the daily quoted an Israeli minister as saying.

The threat came after Israel alleged that Syria has recently supplied long-range ballistic missiles and advanced anti-aircraft systems to the Lebanese group."

As God Curse continues

US soldier killed in Iraq helicopter crash: army

"An American soldier was killed and three of his colleagues were injured when their helicopter crashed in northern Iraq, the US army said on Sunday."

The LOUPE want to point you to a interesting read regarding this new paradigm shift that the rest of the world don't even have a clue as to what has happened and happening


The "New Hizballah" built by Syria sparks ME summer war fear

"Saturday, April 17, Israel's deputy defense minister Mattan Vilnai, warned that Syria and Hizballah between them had ballistic missiles that could reach every millimeter of Israeli territory."

"But he did not explain how the national defense leadership, of which he is a senior member, allowed this to happen."

"Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has said nothing to account for his 14-month old government's failure to make good on its pledges for change, and first of all to deal with the Iranian nuclear threat."

"Instead, he follows his predecessors' same old passive routines on Iran, Syria and Hizballah, an open invitation to aggression and a recipe for armed conflict. Of late, he is hardly to be seen or heard except for the irrelevant comments he makes at state ceremonies."

Continue to "Watch" and you will see the real truth that God has already declared of what will happen next in the May 15th Prophecy written at LastDayWatchers!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Binocular Snapshot for 4/17/2010

LastDayWatchers keep your LOUPE focused on the new paradigm as God continues to fulfill his Word
"and he shall do that which his fathers have not done, nor his fathers' fathers" 

Here is the preview 

Iran calls for new nuclear body

"Most countries in the world do feel that the UN Security Council as well as the IAEA board of governors is not democratic, so it is something that most people in the south have a great deal of sympathy with," he told Al Jazeera.

"The problem that Iran is facing right now is the fact that western countries are very much biased against the country.

"So he is using this opportunity to point out Iran's position and show that it is a very reasonable and logical one and the reason that Iran is unable to get its voice across is because these bodies are undemocratic."

Iran calls US nukes tool of terror, intimidation

"Iran's conference brought together representatives from 60 countries, including China, Russia, Pakistan, Iraq, Turkey and France, as well as delegates from international bodies and non-governmental organizations,"

Iran wins regional support for its nuclear programme

"Syria, Lebanon and Iraq backed Iran's atomic programme on Saturday, which they said has "peaceful" aims, and insisted that Israel be stripped off its nuclear arsenal.

The foreign ministers of these three countries also stressed that Israel, the Middle East's sole but undeclared holder of a nuclear arsenal, must join the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT)"

As the congealing of the horns continues

Jumblat Returns from Syria, Calls for Facing Conspiracy of Fragmenting Region

"Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat returned to Lebanon after a one-day visit to Syria, which he described as "positive."
"We discussed the need to keep up the confrontation against the conspiracy that is out to fragment Lebanon like it did in Iraq and Palestine,"

You will see with your LOUPE the weak become strong and the strong become weak by reason of the harden hearts

King Abdullah: Without negotiations – high chance of war

"There are sources in Lebanon that feel that war is inevitable. The threat of war exists. If we do not bring the Palestinians and Israelis to the negotiations table and if we cross the July deadline – there is a high chance of confrontation. I wouldn't want to meet with you in six or seven months and say I told you so," said Abdullah in a conversation with the Chicago Tribune's editorial board."

Because the failure will continues to mount

Taliban targets U.S. contractors working on projects in Afghanistan

"The Taliban has begun regularly targeting U.S. government contractors in southern Afghanistan, stepping up use of a tactic that is rattling participating firms and could undermine development projects intended to stem the insurgency, according to U.S. officials."

"The bad guys have figured it out," one U.S. official in Kandahar said. "I've never seen them go after implementing partners this way. We've got to reevaluate now what we're doing."

"The fifth incident also occurred in late March, south of Lashkar Gah. A convoy of Chemonics employees was the target of a bomb-and-gunfire ambush in which three Afghans were killed".

"On Dec. 15, a DAI facility was bombed in Gardez, killing five Afghan security guards."

"The U.S. official said it would be foolish to think that the attacks were independent of one another. "This can't be coincidental," he said. "This is what they're doing now."

"A senior U.S. military official in Kandahar said the military is "looking hard at these incidents" for signs of a pattern and to figure out whether targeting contractors has become a tactic."

Consider these things as you "Watch", as God revels more of the May 15th Prophecy written at LastDayWatchers

Friday, April 16, 2010

Binocular Snapshot for 4/16/2010

LastDayWatchers in order to understand see the paradigm shift focus your LOUPE on the truth of this

Ahmadinejad: Iran is Obama's only way to stay in power

"The time when they imagine that they can do any harm on Iran is over," Ahmadinejad said, according to IRNA."

"The Iranian leader urged cooperation between the Islamic republic and America. He said Iran was not the nation that was being isolated. Instead, he said, it was the United States that was in that position."

By reason of the harden heart

Israel PM must show sincerity on peace: Clinton

"Clinton warned that the long freeze in the peace process was strengthening hardliners, including Iran's firebrand President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad."

Fears that war between Israel and Hizbollah is 'imminent'

"An aide to Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, said that the pace of Hizbollah's re-armament and Syria's role in it was causing growing alarm in the Jewish state.
"We are very conscious of the build-up of Hizbollah's military machine," the aide said. "We have unfortunately seen new types and greater quality of missiles. The Syrian role in passing those weapons to Hizbollah is ongoing and is dangerous."

Jordan is talking, but is anyone listening?

"The danger of Mr. Netanyahu's coalition misreading current conditions is a danger not only for Israel, but for the Palestinians, for Jordan, and for the United States as well. Jordan is a close ally of the United States and one of only two Arab states to have a peace treaty with Israel. So when this center of moderation and caution issues the occasional dire warning to its allies, friends, or neighbors, it is worth listening to."

As the birth pains get louder & louder

Ash cloud over Europe causes worst travel chaos since 9/11

"Tens of thousands of travellers were left stranded across Europe today as the drifting ash cloud spread rapidly south-east from Iceland and caused the biggest shutdown of the continent's airspace since 11 September 2001."

Watch for the next post of the May 15th Prophecy written at LastDayWatchers

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Binocular Snapshot for 4/15/2010

LastDayWatchers as you continue to watch, you will see the failure continue to mount

4 German troops killed in Afghanistan's north

"Once considered one of the less volatile sections of the country, Baghlan and the rest of northern Afghanistan have become new trouble spots for U.S. and NATO forces locked in an eight-year war with Taliban insurgents and their allies. The Taliban and other insurgent groups have widened their reach in the north, and have been bolstered by Al Qaeda"

Explosion shakes southern Afghan city of Kandahar

"The explosion blew out the windows of several buildings in the city, including in the home of Ahmed Wali Karzai, the powerful half brother of Afghan President Hamid Karzai."

The U.S. in their untenable position knows it has only a short time to abet!

U.S. doubles anti-Taliban special forces

"The secretive buildup reflects the view of the Obama administration and senior military leaders that the U.S. has only a limited amount of time to degrade the capabilities of the Taliban."

As the little "up amongs them" horn flex it muscle to show their role in the new paradigm shift

Iraq's Allawi courts Iranian support

"The Sunni-backed secular coalition that came in first in Iraqi elections sought Thursday to garner Iranian support "

Inside the Syrian Missile Crisis

"Syrian triumphalism," causing Assad to throw caution to the wind. Syria's decision to send Scuds to Lebanon, they say, proves Damascus is unwilling to distance itself from Tehran."

Syrian Saber-Rattling Has U.S. Concerned

"The apparent breakdown in the Syrian-Israeli peace track is contributing to the widespread pessimism in the Middle East that the next war between Israel and one of its enemies — Iran, Syria, Hizballah or Hamas — could easily escalate into a regional war with all of them."

Take note of the configuration, the make up of which is 100% accurate to what the May 15th Prophecy has proclaimed!

Just as 100% accurate as the curse, and the curses

Three killed in shoot-out near Baghdad airport

"north of the capital police found the corpses of 14 Al-Qaeda kidnap victims, officials said."

AP-GfK Poll: Obama slips, other Dems slide, too

"President Barack Obama's national standing has slipped to a new low after his victory on the historic health care overhaul, even in the face of growing signs of economic revival, according to the latest Associated Press-GfK poll."


What is behind the scud scare?

"Washington continues to supply Israel with large amounts of military aid and cutting edge military technology. Israel accuses Syria of trying to change the balance of power by introducing scuds to Lebanon, but from Syria's point of view, it is Israel which has skewed the regional balance."

Watch for the next May 15th Prophecy written at LastDayWatchers

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Binocular Snapshot for 4/14/2010

LastDayWatchers  while the rest of world (particularly the U.S.) have been subliminally hit repeatedly with propaganda phrase like "the frequency of attacks across Iraq by insurgents has dropped significantly"

As Satan keep them in a state of accepting to the new norm of lawlessness, as he do according to his will to fulfill God will to those who believe not the truth

Today is just another day which give more evidence of God curse of the Bush/Obama Administrations

Bombs and shootings kill six in Iraq

"Six people were killed, including an Iraqi counter-terrorism officer and two soldiers, and 13 wounded in a number of bombings and shootings in Iraq on Wednesday, officials said."

Just to give you a example for this April I will chronicle the LOUPE Binocular Snapshot this month (we are only half way into the month!) that should give you an indication to the level of acceptance to this new norm of lawlessness

Binocular Snapshot for 4/03/2010

Gunmen in Iraqi army uniforms kill at least 24
"Gunmen in Iraqi military uniforms raided a village outside Baghdad and killed at least 24 people in an execution-style attack, apparently targeting a Sunni group that revolted against al-Qaeda"

Binocular Snapshot for 4/04/2010

Suicide car bombers kill 30 in central Baghdad

"Three suicide bombers detonated car bombs within moments of each other in a coordinated attack on foreign missions in central Baghdad on Sunday, killing at least 30 people and wounding 224."

Binocular Snapshot for 4/05/2010

Police say Shiite family of 6 gunned down in Iraq

" A Shiite couple and four of their children were gunned down in their home outside Baghdad on Monday, the latest in a string of attacks that have killed some 70 people since Friday, police said."

Binocular Snapshot for 4/06/2010

At least 42 killed as bombs rip through Shiite areas of Baghdad

"At least 42 people were killed, including women and children, according to security sources and witnesses.

The attacks followed the massacre over the weekend of 25 Sunni Muslim men south of Baghdad, and suicide car bomb attacks against three foreign missions in the capital that claimed the lives of 41 people on Sunday.

Iraqis at the sites of the bombings expressed rage and demanded answers. Some worried that sectarian war, which convulsed Iraq in 2006 and 2007, might return."

U.S. Officials Downplay Rash of New Attacks in Baghdad

"At least 35 people were killed in Tuesday's explosions; 41 were killed outside the Egyptian and Iranian embassies and German ambassador's residence on April 4; 25 Iraqis were killed execution-style in a southern Baghdad village in the early morning of April 3; 59 were killed in two bombings in Diyala province on March 26, the day when results of the country's March 7 parliamentary elections were announced; and 40 were killed — including in two apartment bombings — on election day itself, which Bloom says had "no significant attacks." In the walk-up to the vote, 40 were killed in car bombs in Karbala in February, and 36 died on Jan. 25, when car bombs targeted three hotels in Baghdad (including the one that nearly got me and my friend's father). Substantial attacks, at nearly a once-a-month rate, can be traced back to August 2009, when two truck bombs hit the finance and foreign ministries and killed 101 people. Al-Qaeda in Iraq and elements of the former Baathist regime have either taken credit or been blamed for all of these."

Binocular Snapshot for 4/08/2010

2 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Northern Iraq

"The death raises to at least 4,390 the number of U.S. military personnel who have died in Iraq"

U.S. aircraft crashes in Afghanistan, killing four

"A U.S. Air Force aircraft crashed early Friday in southern Afghanistan, killing three American military personnel and one civilian, while wounding several others, according to NATO officials."

Binocular Snapshot for 4/10/2010

The Curse of the Bush/Obama Administration continues

Iraq bombs kill child, four security men

"A 10-year-old and four police officers and police were killed on Saturday in insurgent bomb attacks near Iraq's main northern city of Mosul"

Binocular Snapshot for 4/11/2010

Bomb kills three Iraqis from US-allied militia

"Three brothers who were members of the US-allied Sahwa "Sons of Iraq" militia that helped tame the nation's insurgency were killed when a roadside bomb engulfed their car on Sunday"

Binocular Snapshot for 4/12/2010

Four killed, 37 wounded in Iraq attacks

"A suicide bomber blew up a car in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul on Monday killing a policeman and a civilian, as two soldiers were killed near Baghdad, security and medical officials said, A total of 37 people were wounded in the attacks"

Which bring more failure upon failure the May 15th Prophecy has prophesied with 100% accuracy

NATO troops kill 4 Afghans on bus: provincial official

"Foreign forces opened fire on a bus in southern Afghanistan on Monday, killing four civilians and wounding 18 others"

Suicide bombers hit Afghan spy building in Kandahar

"A group of three suicide bombers attempted to seize the main intelligence building in Afghanistan's southern city of Kandahar on Monday in a brazen daylight raid, officials said."

"The attack was the second big strike in weeks in the city, birthplace of the Taliban"

Binocular Snapshot for 4/13/2010

Baghdad bombing kills 3; TV reporter wounded

"A bomb planted inside a Baghdad liquor store Tuesday killed three people and wounded seven, police and hospital officials said."

"Separately, an Iraqi TV reporter was in critical condition after a bomb stuck to the underside of his car exploded." 

Today's already posted at the top of this post, 

Do not fall asleep on this and become like the lukewarm gullible sleepwalkers, rather stay ALERT and WATCH and you shall see the truth when the May 15th Prophecy proclaim what God has said written at LastDayWatchers 

Late Addiction 

General David Petraeus Says It's Iran That Keeps Him Up at Night

"adding that you might call what is going on there “Iraqracy” rather than democracy.
Was the whole thing worth it? Petraeus reveals a bit of skepticism when he says that for what it has cost the U.S. for one year in Iraq, we could have purchased 10 years of the country’s oil production."

Aides to Iraq's Allawi in Tehran for post-election talks - 

 Representatives of the secular bloc of former Iraqi premier Iyad Allawi arrived in Tehran on Wednesday for talks with top Iranian officials"

Holder says no need to read Miranda rights to bin Laden if captured - 
Attorney General Eric Holder said Wednesday there would be no need to read Miranda rights to Osama bin Laden if the al Qaeda leader were captured"