Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Binocular Snapshot for 12/07/2010

LastDayWatchers the May 15th Prophecy  pointed out to you in the post titled Ahead of the Curve" by which God has kept his chosen few, to be far out in front of the lies and opinion shaping which is the propaganda used on the many; that God will use; to fulfill his Word

"That they all might be damned who believed not the truth"

In that post "Ahead of the Curve" the May 15th Prophecy pointed out to you

"An agreement signed by the two main Iranian-backed Shiite blocs seeking to govern Iraq gives the final decision on all their political disputes to top Shiite clerics"

That you may know who have the most power between PM Maliki and Moqtada al-Sadr, Iran by extension hold the ultimate trump card signed by the Pawn of Satan in the Iraq Agreement (See: Knowing The Hour, Exact Details & The Agreement)

Now check today news

Allawi threatens to quit Iraqi government: report

"Iyad Allawi, who won the most votes in Iraq's elections, threatened to quit a power-sharing government in an interview with Britain's Times newspaper on Tuesday.

"Power-sharing is not happening," Allawi said. "It is not set to work in a meaningful way... If it does not change, I will not participate."

He laid the blame at the feet of Iraq?s Shia neighbour, Iran, and said Iranian leaders had a "red line" against him.

"There is a question mark on democracy now," he said. "People realise that Iran has the upper hand and they feel Iraq is controlled by foreign forces."

He added: "Iran has obstructed the way to power-sharing. They have a red line against me personally and they do not want Iraqiya to participate in the new government."

The Times said Allawi had also confirmed that many imprisoned members of the al-Mahdi Army, followers of fiery Shia cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, had been released as part of a deal struck between Maliki and Sadr two months ago."

Remembering the truth the  May 15th Prophecy delivered unto you in the post titled "The Defining Moment and The Economic Collapse" back in 2008 regarding the ruse to the so-called Iraq "Awakening" or "Sons of Iraq"

As oppose to the feel good lies of that day, which was used to shape your opinion with deceit

Check out the today news

"When responsibility for the Sahwa transferred from the Americans to the Iraqis, we started suffering," said Ghreri, using the Arabic word for "awakening" and the common name for the movement"

"When America started reaching out to Sahwa in 2006 and 2007, basically they were told, 'You're part of Iraq; we want you in the political order,' " said Joost Hiltermann, an Iraq expert with the International Crisis Group. "For them, this (new government) is the litmus test: Are they in or are they out?"

Now diminished in size, the Sahwa feel more vulnerable than ever, trapped between a government they feel mistrusts them and Sunni insurgents who want revenge. The International Crisis Group reported that about 40 Sahwa leaders were arrested last year on charges that ranged from terrorism to illegal weapons possession, while more than 200 have been assassinated

Many Sahwa leaders say they regret telling their members to apply for government jobs and wish they'd return to protect their neighborhoods.

"Al Qaida reactivated when the Americans withdrew," said Sheikh Mahmoud Yaseen, a Sahwa leader in Tarmiyah, a rural area north of Baghdad. Two dozen of Yaseen's fighters have been killed in the years since U.S. forces ceded control of the program.

"We need the men who were moved to the government to come back," Yaseen said. "I used to have 500 men and now I have only 62. I used to run seven checkpoints and now I have only one. Our situation is weak and al Qaida is growing bigger."

And what can be said about the so-called "isolation" of Iran?

Iran refuses to discuss halting uranium enrichment in next round of nuclear talks

"I am announcing openly and clearly that Iran will not discuss a uranimum enrichment halt in the next meeting in Istanbul with major powers," Saeed Jalili told a news conference after the talks."

Iran Will Lead Developing Nation Bloc at U.N. Nuclear Agency

"Iran was handed another U.N. leadership position on Monday, when its ambassador in Vienna was appointed chairman of the group of developing nations interacting with U.N. agencies, including the nuclear watchdog

The “G77 plus China” group comprises 131 countries, or more than two-thirds of total U.N. membership.

As such it is an influential force at the IAEA, where it accounts for 18 of the 35 seats (51 percent) on the current board of governors

Tehran’s IRNA news agency quoted Soltanieh as saying Iran hoped to meet the expectations of the developing states bloc “neutrally and professionally.”

Signaling his priorities at the IAEA, Soltanieh on Friday took the Vienna-based agency to task for focusing on its ally, Syria, rather than on Israel.

“Those members of the [U.N.] Security Council that cry foul over Syria have turned a blind eye to the Israeli regime whose nuclear arsenal is the real threat against peace and security of the region and the world,”

Stay faithful so that you remain the few that continue to get 100% accuracy from the May 15th Prophecy written at LastDayWatchers