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Binocular Snapshot for 12/05/2010

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Blasts kill 17, injures over 100 in Baghdad

"BAGHDAD: Bombs killed 17 people across Iraq’s capital on Saturday, including Iranians near a shrine and shoppers at a Shiite neighborhood market, authorities said.

The attacks — several roadside bombs and cars packed with explosives — wounded more than 100 people. Most of the casualties were likely Shiites, a frequent target of insurgents who have long sought to provoke civil war in Iraq.

Police said the deadliest strike targeted a marketplace in Baiyaa, a district in southwestern Baghdad. A car parked outside a shopping area exploded around midday, killing six people and wounding 42. Hospital officials confirmed the casualties."

More foreign fighters seen slipping back into Iraq

"Intelligence officials say foreign fighters have been slipping back into Iraq in larger numbers recently and may have been behind some of the most devastating attacks this year, reviving a threat the U.S. military believed had been almost entirely eradicated.

It is impossible to verify the actual numbers of foreign insurgents entering the country. But one Middle Eastern intelligence official estimated recently that 250 came in October alone"

Suicide attack kills 4 near NATO base in Afghanistan

"(Reuters) - A suicide bomber killed two foreign soldiers and two Afghan civilians in a bazaar outside a NATO base in southeast Afghanistan on Sunday and wounded nearly 20, NATO and Afghan officials said.

Violence in Afghanistan is at its worst since the Taliban were overthrown more than nine years ago with record casualties on all sides of the conflict, despite the presence of almost 150,000 foreign troops."

"A Taliban spokesman going by the name of Zabiullah Mujahid said in an e-mail to reporters that the suicide bomber, whom he identified as Gul Rasool, joined the Afghan army "some time ago" with the intent of killing foreign troops"

"He managed to carry all necessary material with himself inside the corps," Mujahid claimed. "He carried out the attack inside the Sunday bazaar, which is used by foreign troops."

The bombing took place near a small marketplace in or around Gardez, the capital of the volatile province of Paktia, a forbidding and mountainous region that borders Pakistan."

EU 'losing faith' in Afghanistan

"Leaked US cables quote EU president saying that European troops are deployed in Nato force in 'deference' to the US.

The European Union no longer believes that US and Nato forces can succeed in Afghanistan, but continues to commit troops to the fight "out of deference to the United States", the EU president is quoted as saying in leaked US diplomatic cables.

Herman Van Rompuy, who at the time was president-designate, was quoted as telling Howard Gutman, the US ambassador to Belgium, in December 2009 that 2010 would be the "last chance" for Afghanistan in European eyes.

"Europe is doing it and will go along out of deference to the United States but not out of deference to Afghanistan," Van Rompuy is quoted as saying in the cable posted by the WikiLeaks whistleblowing website on Sunday.

"No one believes in Afghanistan any more. But we will give it 2010 to see results. If it doesn't work, that will be it because it is the last chance. And if a Belgian gets killed, it would be over for Belgium right then."

Nato and the US have sustained heavy losses during the nine-year conflict in Afghanistan and there are very few signs that the violence is slowing."

"The figures of 4,417 dead from Iraq and 1,368 from Afghanistan (as of November 10, 2010) are well-known and oft-quoted. But the physically wounded from both wars number more than 40,000, a staggering number, and roughly three-quarters of them have been wounded in a serious life- and family-affecting way"

Army Col. Ross Brown, a squadron commander in Iraq, told me this story:

After a suicide bomber killed four of my soldiers, my Command Sergeant-Major (CSM) and I spent a night picking up their body parts. I walked around one side of the blast area while my CSM covered the other side. An 18-year-old soldier walked behind me towing a body bag. As I came upon a limb or other body part, I would place it in the bag and move on to the next body part. After six hours of walking the blast radius, I had a full bag. Although I knew the soldier beside me was young, and even as I tried to protect the youngest soldiers from seeing such terrible things, I had to use him to assist me that evening. The next day I had him see a psychologist, and had him see one again after we returned from Iraq. However, less than a year later, I signed paperwork releasing him from the Army for post-traumatic stress disorder and long term psychological damage.

To be sure, the dead and the psychologically wounded of that terrible evening will have ripple effects upon their families and the larger society for years to come. And this is merely one story. Nancy Berglass, director of the Iraq-Afghanistan Deployment Impact Fund, says 

“hundreds of thousands of active duty and former active duty troops are dealing with significant mental health [and drug dependence] problems that have not been adequately addressed.” 

In each instance of psychological disturbance, there is a story, perhaps as bad as Col. Brown’s, behind it."

You will see how non-"isolated" Iran have become and how the little horn is growing in power just as the May 15th Prophecy have told you with 100% accuracy, as oppose to the propaganda you are being fed

Iran 'dominant player' in Iraq politics

"Leaked US diplomatic cable reveals Tehran using 'all means of diplomacy, intelligence and economy' to get a pro-Iranian regime in Baghdad

Tehran is a "dominant player" in Iraq using "all means of diplomacy, intelligence and economy" to get a pro-Iranian regime there, leaked US diplomatic cables published by Le Monde newspaper Sunday said

"Iran is one of the dominant players in Iraqi electoral politics," US ambassador to Baghdad Christopher Hill wrote on November 13, 2009, according to Le Monde's translation of the WikiLeaks cable.

Tehran "uses all the means of diplomacy, security, intelligence and economic tools to influence its allies and its Iraqi detractors to establish a more pro-Iranian regime, in Baghdad as well as in the provinces," Hill wrote."

Iran now produces everything it needs for the nuclear fuel cycle, making its nuclear program self-sufficient

Iran now produces everything it needs for the nuclear fuel cycle, making its nuclear program self-sufficient

"Salehi told a televised news conference that the announcement meant "we will be taking part in the negotiations with strength and power." He insisted the Geneva talks were for the benefit of the other countries, not Iran"

"These talks are a way out of a political deadlock for the other side. We want to create a graceful solution out of the political deadlock for those who have pressurized us."

"The West had counted on the possibility of us being in trouble over raw material but today we had the first batch of yellowcake from Gachin mine sent to Isfahan [conversion] facility," Salehi said on state television on Sunday"

The announcement came just a day before world powers meet with Iranian officials in another attempt to persuade them to halt uranium enrichment."

"Whatever they wanted, it only bore one meaning: a return to zero [enrichment]. Now the situation is different. We have changed course and we have started a process. So it is unreasonable for [the P5+1] to ask for a return to the time before that.… Iran's rights for uranium enrichment must be recognized. They must trust us."

"They [the Americans] should come talk. If you go to a shop and you want to buy something, you ask the price and the seller looks at you. He wants first to find out if you are a real purchaser, and then he says, 'OK, let's talk.'" But if the Americans only say, "Come and sign an agreement," the official said, this is a sign that "they are playing games" and are not serious about negotiating."

Iran's Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki addresses the 7th 'Manama Dialogue' security conference in the Bahraini capital

"MANAMA: Iran cautioned the Muslim world against falling prey to American machinations and dismissed allegations it is building a nuclear weapon.

Speaking on the second day of the International Institute for Strategic Studies Regional Security Summit at the Ritz-Carlton Saturday, Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki blamed the American presence in the region for its instability.

“They bombed Afghanistan (after 9/11) and then became so arrogant that they did not even feel the need to take the permission of the United Nations to bomb Iraq. They killed hundreds of innocent people in Iraq — people who had committed no crime,” he said in Farsi.

He accused the US of spreading lies and deception, citing the recent WikiLeaks controversy, and claimed that Iran was a friend to all Arab and Muslim countries in the region. “We are happy when Saudi Arabia flourishes. We are happy to note that Bahrain has become an important center of international banking. Why should we not be happy? These are our Muslim brothers,” he said while driving his point home.

It is the foreign intervention that is to blame for all the ills afflicting the region, he said. “It has been proven that foreign intervention creates unhealthy rivalries between neighbors. It is the presence of foreign powers in our region that is the immediate cause for regional divisions and strife.”

He denied claims that Iran was building a nuclear weapon and claimed the Americans were spreading lies.

“We are not. And let me clarify that throughout our 700 years of history and culture we have not used force against any of our Arab neighbors ... We cannot even think of it because our neighbors are Muslims.”

He said Muslim countries must not submit to pressures by outsiders that divide them and create instability and create divisions among friends in the region. “In the region it has been proven that foreign intervention creates unhealthy rivalries between neighbors.”

Iranian nuclear power, he said, will benefit the entire Muslim world. “Muslims must be happy to see other Muslims becoming powerful ... Our power is your power, and your power is ours,” he told the high-powered gathering. “We must not allow the Western media to tell us what to think of each other.”

According to him, things have not changed under US President Barack Obama. “We see the same policies are in motion that were started by (George W.) Bush. The American people had given Obama the mandate to stop the wars. He did not do so and was therefore punished in recent elections,” said Mottaki.

He said Iran is fully aware of the dangers of building nuclear weapons. “A nuclear bomb does only one thing: it destroys everything. Why will we go for such a weapon? Look at our history and show one instance where we have used force? We never sought weapons of mass destruction. 

Even when we were attacked by chemical weapons in the 1980s we did not think of building such weapons. These chemical weapons were by the way supplied by the American and European governments to Iraq.”

As recently as Thursday, the UN International Atomic Energy Agency restated that Iran was not fulfilling its obligations under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty to which it is signatory. The UN imposed a fourth round of sanctions on Iran in June for its continued noncompliance with the international watchdog group.

“It has been six months since they introduced the sanctions, and if they need more time in order to see if these sanctions worked they can wait a longer time. The sanctions have no impact on us"

Also the 100% accuracy of the popcorn popping! (See: The Cut Down, the Coagulation and the Contractions)

Volcano known as the 'Throat of Fire' erupts in Ecuador

"(CNN) -- Ecuador's Tungurahua volcano erupted Saturday, sending ash and lava spewing nearly a mile into the sky, Residents evacuated the area after the country's National Agency of Risk Control issued a "red alert."

At one point, the ash cloud reached nearly 3 km (1.9 miles) above the volcano's crater, according to the institute, and lava flowed about 2 km from the crater.

Activity at Tungurahua -- which means "throat of fire" in the native Quechua language -- peaked Saturday between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m., according to the Geological Institute in Quito."

"There remains a constant column of ash emissions," a statement from the Polytechnic Geophysics Institute, Ecuador's main volcano monitor said"

Parts of Banos, a nearby town popular with foreign and local tourists, were among the places evacuated."

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